Want a Quicker Nappy Change?

Recently I have had a couple issues with Molly.

The first one is not so bad, just more annoying for me than for her, but it’s just that she won’t let me get her dressed, morning or night. She doesn’t like to have me put her arms in her t-shirts and jumpers, and will cry when I try, and boy oh boy she doesn’t like to keep her legs in her trousers/tights! Now I am sure every single parent must go through this and right now I am going through it on a daily basis and it is starting to get really annoying especially when I am just trying to quickly change her nappy.

The second issue must be hurting Molly which is why it is worrying me. She is on the move now, I wouldn’t really call it crawling as she only army shuffles backwards, and I have little carpet throughout my house so she is wriggling around on hard floors. Because of this her legs are turning red with floor burns where she drags them about instead of kneeling on them properly. The marks go down by the end of the day but it must still be really uncomfortable for her and limiting her movement.

But recently we have been trying out a product that brings a solution to both of these problems. NappyKind Boutique is an online store specialising in baby leg warmers.


I chose one pair of leg warmers, pictured above and a pair of leggings (below) which are the next size up ready for her to grow into.

photo 2 photo 1

I was sent these items a couple weeks ago and where Molly kept getting ill, she didn’t get to give them a true test as just was just pretty much cuddled up in my arms all the time all bunged up, so I have waited until now to review them so we can really try them out.

They did come fairly quickly though and were all wrapped in pink tissue paper which I thought was really cute.


Being a bit picking one thing I would say is that I would not write labels on in pen like they have. I do love the idea though and think it is a really nice touch, however having a properly printed label, even just a simple one from a label maker or one hooked up to a computer, would make the packaging a little less eBay and a little more Amazon (if you get me?!).

I was really pleased with the products though and thought they were made really well and were super cute.

Molly obviously can’t fit into the leggings yet but I was excited to get her into the leg warmers. She wore them all day today and seemed very comfortable. One kept falling down a bit but as she grows they will obviously become a better fit.  They good thing about these is that they will last as she grows up as they stretch so she should get many years of wear out of them. Today she got food all over her clothes and to save myself all the effort of trying to get her dressed, I put her in these to keep her warm. They could go on top of tights/trousers as an extra layer in winter or jut worn with skirts/dresses in summer so they can easily be taken off if it gets warmer.

photo 2-3
photo 4

photo 3
photo 1-1
I was glad to find something that stayed on Molly’s legs, looked nice and kept her warm, and she really couldn’t kick them off like she does with her socks.

Changing her nappy was much easier and quicker with these as I didn’t have to go through the struggle of getting her undressed and she got to stay warm too.

But I was more interested to find out whether they reduced the red markings on her legs and still allowed her to move.

She didn’t seem to have any problem moving about with them on and they were not slippy so she didn’t slide on the hard floor either. They helped reduce the red marks on her legs significantly which must have been much nicer for her and hopefully will encourage her to crawl properly with the added comfort.

Obviously for most part of these cold days she is wearing bottoms anyway so the markings aren’t too bad but I still notice they show up when she wears some clothing so I can start putting these on over the top of any thinner trousers or let her where them as they are by the end of the day when she just ends of in her vest where her clothes are far too mucky.

photo 2-2
photo 1-2
photo 4-1

I really like these leg warmers and love how they are a little bit different and something I haven’t seen before.
NappyKind Boutique also offer a range of other products including bibs, rompers, mittens and gift sets for both boys and girls.


Disclaimer: I purchased these items myself although I was given a discount for the purpose of these review. This review contains only my own words and opinions.