Countdown Week 5


This week there is no good news.. no, nope none, nada.


Last Saturday night I went out to a party with some of my friends and had some drinks. I did drink cider which isn’t exactly known for it’s slimming quatlities but I didn’t drink that much, not enough to warrent the depressing news that came the next day. Not a hangover (lucky me!) but the most depressing news the scales had to tell me, the day after the night before… I had put on half a stone!!!!!! HOW?!!!! Is cider that bad?! I’m no alcoholic and I didn’t think one night of drinking would have such a massive effect, looks like I need to be sober even more often!

So since Sunday I have been being good and trying to loose that stupid weight again (it took me ages to loose it the first time, why why why did it have to come back?!!!) and it’s been going well. I have nearly lost all 7lb but 1lb is just clinging on for dear life. But that’s not so bad, 1lb is better than 7lb!

I have joined the gym this week with a friend with the hope that we can encourage each other to actually go. My plan is to go on the days when D has Molly and that should be three times a week. Last week I only went once as we didn’t join until the end of the week but I still squeezed in aquafit, which I love. I used to go years ago and I am exciting to start going regularly again. Before the class started I thought I would get in the water a bit earlier and do some lengths. It has been years since I actually swam properly and I must admit I found it a bit of a struggle. My head kept bopping under the water but I did still manage to do 10 lengths. I was impressed as I didn’t think I would be able to manage one and hopefully each week I can either get faster or swim further. I will be going again this week to see how I do. Next week when my friend gets back from her holiday we have our gym induction and that’s what I am really going to find hard.

Ahhh well no pain no gain!!

So this week I have to add on that 1lb and hope that next week, that and more will come off. (I am going to look on the bright side and celebrate that I lost 6lb!)

9 weeks left… 15.5lbs to go…