Could You Go Without It For A Whole Day?


I recently had to get my iPhone swapped over as the lock button had stopped working and the battery was poor. I took it to my closest Apple store which was in Bristol, an hour away from where I live. When I got to the store the sales assistant took my old phone from me and replaced it with a completely new one. Now I knew this was coming so I completely backed it all up on my computer at home beforehand but it meant that my phone could not be restored until I was back at home at my computer to plug the new one in. Therefore I had to go over an hour without my phone.


I wasn’t driving so every two minutes on the journey home I went to pick my phone up to check Facebook, Twitter, Text messages etc but yet I couldn’t. Being someone who has their phone permanently glued in their hand, it’s needless to say that hour was painful!

But it did get me thinking about how reliant I have become on technology. When my nanny was brought up it was completely different to how it is today, even when my mum was brought up and even to how I was brought up. Now there is a television in every room with thousands of channels, everyone owns a car with satnav, smart phones can do pretty much anything, you can talk to someone on the other side of the word for free, and now you can even get electronic cigarettes!

It’s no wonder elderly people struggle with a remote!!

Does anybody else remember using a pencil to wind up a tape cassette?!

Can you remember playing snake on a Nokia 3210?!

To go on the internet remember having to get the wire from the pc, dragging it across the room to plug in just to wait ten minutes for it to dial up and then you couldn’t use the phone at the same time?!

Remember waiting weeks for your photographs to be developed?!

Children didn’t have phones and iPads.Β However I do like the idea of Molly having a mobile phone from a young age so I know she is safe and she can always contact me.

I must say I would like to go back to a time where I wasn’t so dependent on technology. Where the television wasn’t always on and I didn’t feel the need to check my mobile phone every second. Does anybody else get that slightly depressed feeling where if you haven’t checked your phone for a couple of hours and then you do and nobody has contacted you?!!

But in this day and age is it even possible to go without technology?!

Being honest, for me I doubt it!

I thought about making this a challenge, a whole day without it. Is anybody up for this?!

Unless I go out for the day and forget my phone and camera I know I would fail! Sitting in all day without using any technology would be impossible for me, could you do it?

No Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Wordpess/blogs, internet, email, Instagram, Photoshop, camera, television, iPod/CD/radio, DVD, Computers, phone calls, text messages…. The list goes on.

I think I could survive a morning at most, isn’t that just awful!!!!

I am going to start making a conscience effort to try and reduce the amount of time I spend using these things in day to day living, there is always an alternate. Forget the technology and be in the moment. Stop worrying about taking pictures of Molly playing and just play, I don’t always need to capture 100 pictures of her doing the same pose, one will suffice.

How much technology do you use? Does it rule your life too?!

However for those of you who are completely succumbed by all this social media too, then we might as well celebrate it together! Follow me on these sites:





Could you go without using one of the above for a whole day?!