How Babies Only Learnt To Crawl 200 Years Ago

Did you know that babies only learnt to crawl 200-300 years ago?


I thought it was something that babies had always done everywhere but now I know I was wrong, in many places around the world, babies skip this stage altogether.

It is believed that the introduction to hardwood floors in houses are the reason that babies learnt to crawl.

The text below has been taken from an online article by the Daily Mail:

“Crawling is an evolutionary phenomenon which might have evolved 200-300 years ago thanks to wooden floors in houses, say experts.”

” In Africa, and other similar societies, preventing predator attacks is similarly a reason why babies do not crawl and are carried throughout their first year and then walk straight away after that.”

 “‘For most of evolutionary history, kids were not put on the ground to shield them from pathogens or predation, so crawling is definitely the evolutionary novelty,’ says Tracer.”

” According to Tracer, crawling may have evolved around the same time as wooden floors in houses – only about 200-300 years ago.”

I was amazed by this article and if you would like to read it in full, then here is the link.

Now I am less worried that Molly prefers to bum shuffle, she is just sticking with tradition!