Princess Mega Bloks Review

Molly is a very lucky little lady and has lots of toys. But recently I have been finding that most of her toys are more suitable for younger babies and she is starting to outgrow them, needing some which are more age appropriate. 

I wanted to get her some more activity type toys so as she grows she can begin to make games up and play rather than just have just toys on the mat.


So when Argos got in contact with me I was super excited to see how Molly would love playing with the Mega Bloks First Build Little Princess Fairytale Table, something which we choose as it is more age appropriate and really helps them to develop many skills.


I must admit that whenever I am looking at buying new toys for Molly, Argos is the first place I look. They cover all ages and have everything in one place, makes life easy! I am much of a traditionalist here and prefer to get out the catalogue and read all the pages, circling anything I think may be suitable. With Christmas around the corner, I even have a list of toys that I think Molly may like; all with the Argos page number written next to them! Argos are currently creating a list of Dream Toys ready for this Christmas, click this link to see the full list of Dream Toys of 2013. I wonder if the Princess Mega Bloks Table will feature in it?


Molly loved this table and I love how it is a toy that will last for many years and she can get lots of use out of. I hate buying something that she would grow out of in a matter of months. However, if she wants a break from playing with this table then it can be folded up and packed away, there is even space for all the Bloks to be stored within the table.


The Bloks are really chunky, which not only make them safe but really easy for Molly to get hold of. As this is the Princess set some of the Bloks are glittery and you also receive a Fairy doll and horse to play with too, I think these are Molly’s favourite. The general colours used are bright and very appealing, especially for young fingers.



As she plays at the moment I often fold the legs down so it is low enough for her to reach the whole table. When she is more confident on her feet I will keep the legs extended, but when I originally stood the table up I did notice Molly try and pull herself up using the table and it lifted off the floor slightly, so being lightweight it could tip over and fall on her. However this is not an issue for us as I keep it low now and always supervise her.

She is not very good at building yet but does try and copy me and watches what I do so carefully. She likes me to build castles and then she pulls them all apart and inspects the Bloks!


Overall I am really happy with this product. We received it a week ago now, by super speedy delivery, and it is still set up right in the middle of our lounge. It’s a perfect activity if other kids visit because it is suitable for those a couple years older than Molly too (The recommended age for this product is 1-5 years).  I am looking forward to the days where Molly is walking and can waddle over to the table and really let her imagination run wild.




In collaboration with Argos.