Glastonbury Carnival 2013

Every year the carnival travels Somerset and when it hits Glastonbury it is the talk of the town. Being a small town not much happens so everyone tends to love carnival and absolutely everyone comes out to see it.

Every year previous to this one, I have met up with friends and barely watched as the floats passed by whilst we are busy chatting and drinking, before heading to the over crowded pub.

But not this year.

This year I actually got to watch every single carnival float, for the first time ever. I wrapped Molly up and took her out to watch the flashing lights and to listen to the music. I went with my family so it was lovely to watch it altogether.


We stood right on the edge of the pavement and watched as the two hour show progressed. There were thousands of bright light bulbs, lots of dancers wearing costumes, and loud dance music blasting out. Even though it was a freezing cold night, we all soon become hot against the heat from the floats and busy crowds.


I was worried Molly wouldn’t like it, be too cold, or find the music too loud, but luckily she seemed to really enjoy herself. She watched the whole parade apart from ten minutes or so at the very end.


About half-way through the carnival my brother bought Molly a flashing star wand and boy oh boy does she love it! She played with it all night long and still had to hold it in her pushchair and in bed when we got home; she even fell asleep holding it at one point! She is fascinated by it, the only problem is that I often get hit around the head with it!!


I wondered if I would miss seeing my friends that night but seeing her so interested made that thought disappear. I really enjoyed watching the carnival with Molly and was really happy to see her little face staring at the dancers and flashing floats. She kept getting into little excited fits. It is definitely something we will be doing together every year from now on.