Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving is not something I normally celebrate but I find myself being more and more thankful every day so it got me thinking about the things I am most thankful for.

I obviously am thankful for the most important things in my life – my daughter, my family, my friends, but being a mum I am so thankful for this new world that has opened up for me.

In this last year, being my first year as a mummy, these are the things which I have heard myself say the most thanks for:

– The internet – to google my every question/worry and to enable me to blog and reach out to other mums

– The video monitor – Gives me peace of mind to be able to watch my baby from another room

– Metanium Nappy Rash Cream – Soothes little bottoms with wonder

– Dentinox Shampoo – No cradle cap for us!

– The Jumperoo – Provides hours of bouncy fun and gives me time to run some chores

– Sleeping bags – Reduces suffocation risk yet still warm and cosy

and one of the most important on this list… 

–  Wet wipes – This is one thing I am most thankful for!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!! What are you thankful for?