Picture Week 29

I never thought Molly would crawl. I read that the majority of babies crawl somewhere between their seventh and tenth month, but as Molly is 11 months old and has found her own style of moving, I presumed she would miss out the crawling stage altogether. At her check up last week, the health visitor said she did a crab-crawl!!

We were at my mum’s house last week and her cousins were also there and as they were running in and out, Molly wanted to watch them constantly. As her cousins ran out the door, Molly went into the crawling position to allow her to poke her head around the door frame. I thought she would just start going but she soon gave up.

A couple days later, whilst at home, all of a sudden she just started crawling! It was such a proud moment. I now love how she crawls after me although I don’t think the cats are enjoying it so much!!