Countdown Week 11


I have missed out quite a few posts on my diet as there was just nothing to report. I hit a real sticky point and I just couldn’t seem to move past it.

Since my last post I have been going to the gym as often as I can which is normally a couple times a week but it is hard with Molly too. However I have hurt my knee so I haven’t been able to use all the equipment as much as I would like recently. But I have still been going on days even when I didn’t really want to. Most of the time I am really happy with my workout and am very surprised at how quickly my fitness has progressed. I have never been a very fit person, even when I was skinny, so I am enjoying changing that. I want to be able to run about with Molly and play games with her without worrying about being out of breathe. I have signed up to the gym until March so I know I have to keep going!

I have lost some weight since my last post – 5.5lbs – and I do think this is largely due to my workouts. Although I still have not lost any inches for a couple months now but I know my body shape is changing as different clothes are now beginning to fit – although I don’t really get how?!

I am sad that I have not hit my target on time but I am happy that I am so so close to it now. I am going to keep going until I reach my goal.

1 week left… 10lbs to go…