Countdown Week 12


I am really focused on the gym right now and pushing myself when I am there. I am really feeling the benefits now and it is encouraging me to keep going. I never thought I would actually enjoy it but I am really glad to be participating in some exercise.

I am worried with Christmas upon us that I will put on a lot of weight in the short space of time, which I know would be really difficult to remove again, so I am going to be making a conscious effort to watch what I am eating. On Christmas day I will not be holding back at all though! But I will not be over indulging in chocolate and biscuits, however I am not going to deprive myself of them either, I will have a small amount a day and save the rest. It is so hard when I know I will be surrounded by lots of naughty options but I do not want to compromise on all the hard work I have already done.

The main difference I have made with my eating habit is reducing the amount of sugar I consume. I feel this has made a real difference to my weight loss. I knew I consumed a high amount of sugar previously and found it really hard to reduce this amount, but I have taken small steps and one thing at a time. First of all I reduced the amount of sugary snacks I ate and then worked on having less sugar in my tea. I drink tea all day long and I used to have at least three (big heaped) spoonfuls of sugar at a time, and over the course of the day this was just far to much. I now only have two sugars at the most but have also cut down on drinking so much tea so I don’t fall into temptation! I am now working on looking at what other ways I consume sugar. I have stopped drinking my favourite squash as I find it really difficult to buy a ‘no added sugar’ version locally and made the squash I do drink weaker. I will always have a sweet tooth and I don’t want to cut sugar out completely but I feel much better knowing I am reducing the amount I do consume.

This week I have lost 1.8lbs. I am really starting to feel like the old me and I love that feeling! Loosing the weight and knowing I am that bit closer to getting my old wardrobe back makes me incredibly happy and it is giving me a real confident boost.

0 weeks left… 8.2lbs to go…