Thorntons The Snowman & The Snowdog Christmas Hamper Review

With Christmas just around the corner we all tend to let ourselves indulge in a few too many treats. I, who as you all know am on a diet to try and get my pre-baby body back, even allow myself to eat some treats over this holiday, as I said on my Countdown Week 12 post today.

But if you are going to let yourself have some yummy treats you might as well pick the right ones! Ah voila! I can help here…

Over the past couple of days I have been letting myself dig in to the treats a bit early in order to review the Thorntons The Snowman and The Snowdog Christmas Hamper.

Thorntons have a large selection of Christmas Hampers available this year. There is something to suit every budget and also many offers available which makes them even more tempting! See the range of available chocolates here online at Thorntons.

There was a Buy One Get One Free offer on the chocolates so I was luckily enough to get to review double the amount! (What do we think I will be writing in next week’s diet post?!! Thorntons I will be blaming you for any weight gain!!)

Here is what I got:


It consisted of:

• The Snowman™ and The Snowdog Selection Pack (142g) x2
• The Snowman™ and The Snowdog Model (154g) x2
• Mini The Snowman™ and The Snowdog (22g) x2
• The Snowman™ and The Snowdog Characters (80g) x2
• The Snowdog™ Mini White Chocolate Model (80g) x2
• White Chocolate The Snowman™ Lolly (28g) x2

Now I do have to start with some thoughts on the packaging. It striked me how pretty the box was and it made me all excited to open it!! (Typical girl I know!)


But there is a is real reason I started talking about the box, it’s that I do have a negative, and for me it is a big one. I can’t complain about the chocolate but if there is one thing that really makes me mad it is wasted packaging. This outer box was huge and the boxes inside didn’t fill it up so there was lots of paper to fill the space. I really would have preferred it come in a smaller box or in two separate ones to reduce waste.


But I was impressed with all the chocolates inside so Molly and I dug in straight away!

Molly loved the milk chocolate snowman and so did I, it quickly got gobbled away!


Then Molly tried out the white chocolate snowman, and needless to say she was just loving this reviewing malarky!


Personally I prefer milk chocolate but it was really hard to see which one was Molly’s favourite! I gave some of the chocolate to friends as they came over to visit so I could get their opinion too and secondly so I didn’t turn obese overnight! My sister found the milk chocolate too strong for her. It is very good quality chocolate so it is full of flavour but perhaps if you find rich chocolate too much, then I wouldn’t recommend you choose a large piece of chocolate here as you may find it too much. In the selection box there was a variety of chocolate and in smaller portions so I think this would be more suitable for somebody with a milder palate.


My favourite thing about all of this was the fudge that was included in this selection box – it was delicious!! I was planning on only having a couple of cubes and saving/sharing the rest but it was that good that the whole bag vanished immediately!

Overall I am really impressed with The Thorntons The Snowman and The Snowdog Christmas Hamper. This hamper was originally £30 but then it was reduced to £20 with an additional Buy One Get One Free offer, hence everything in this review would only cost you £20! Personally I think that’s a bargain for the amount and the quality you are getting, plus The Snowman touch makes it even more exciting for children and even those who grew up with the classic tale. The Snowman has always been one of my favourite Christmas films so I totally love the Chocolate too!

Thorntons are also running a competition to give you the chance to win a Winter Wonderland holiday in Magical Lapland with Thomas Cook – Take your family on a 3-night magical holiday to Lapland, inspired by the Snowman™ and the Snowdog, in December 2014! Click here to see the details and enter. Good Luck!!!


This post is in collaboration with Thorntons.