Molly’s First Christmas

This year I was so excited to see Molly unwrap her presents and was hoping she would kind of understand what was going on.

I am not sure she had a clue it was Christmas or who Santa was, but I did try and tell her.

The night before Christmas we followed normal tradition and left some food and drink out for Santa and his reindeer!

Molly then went to sleep in her Christmas sleep suit (minus the hat!). I think she makes a super cute elf! 


Christmas morning was hectic, well so was the whole day in fact! Molly’s Dad, my sister, my mum and step-dad all came over to our house first thing to watch Molly open her presents. I had covered the lounge in them so she had a lot of work to do! I think she was a bit puzzled as we bombarded her with gifts, she is a very lucky girl! 





Molly took hours to open her mountain of presents and then it was time to get ready and go to lunch at my Nanny’s house. Present unwrapping must be very difficult as Molly had to squeeze in a power nap before we ate. 


After lunch we went to my older sister’s house where Molly was spoilt with even more sacks of presents. It was also lovely to see her three children and watch them open some of their gifts. I absolutely love it when all four children are together – they are my favourite little people!

Molly said a quick hello to D’s side of the family too before we headed home to play with some of her new toys. 


Every year at Christmas time I am sad that my Dad is not here to enjoy the holiday with me. It was always a tradition that me and my sister woke up at his house on Christmas morning. This year I had Molly to focus on and seeing her happy made me remember my Christmas spirit, which I felt like I had lost a bit this year. I am really excited for next year when she is a bit more aware of the celebrations. 

Happy 1st Christmas Molly xxx 





Here are some more of our Christmas photos for this year: 








Merry Christmas!