Happy 1st Birthday Beautiful

This New Year was extra special for me – my little baby was suddenly one year old. Where did the time go?!

Only a year ago I went through the agonising yet amazing birth expreience when I gave birth in my bath at home  (read that story here).


Time has gone so quickly and over the last couple of months I have found myself upset at the thought of Molly’s first birthday and her going from a baby into her toddler years. But I shouldn’t be sad as I am so so proud of the little person she is becoming. She makes everybody laugh, she is so loving and has such a personality, one just like mine (much to her father’s dismay!). She hasn’t quite got the idea of sharing but that is something we are working on. The other problem I am finding is that she has started having bad tantrums if she does’t get her own way – which I am saying has not come from me!!

On a positive note though, recently she has developed a great deal and she seems to be able to work out and understand so much. She is becoming very aware, can imitate and action what she wants.


Molly has become very mobile and can crawl very quickly, especially if I am after her! She has started getting around like a monkey, up on her tip toes yet still bending over to use her hands so her bum is right in the air! I think she is desperate to walk as she is always pulling herself up to stand using everything possible, but she still needs to work on her balance.

She is a right little piggy and likes every food she tries apart from green beans! She loves her fruits and veg but does get far too many naughty treats too. Now she has the tips of two tiny front bottom teeth just showing I am excited to get her eating more ‘neatly’ as she learns to chew properly. Her favourites foods include cherry tomatoes, soft carrot sticks and wotsists!

As well as having most of my personality she does share some of D’s interests too and she is very into music like he is. Her favourite toys are her xylophone, ball pit, and small objects she can hold. She is still very much into In The Night Garden and it is slowly taking over more and more of my house. She also loves a good boogie and of course still loves me to sing to her (some state I am tone deaf but Molly clearly has good taste)!!


She can say ‘mama’, ‘dada’, ‘nana’, and ‘oh dear’ but I think she is only just starting to learn what they actually mean. I cannot wait until I can have a proper conversation with her!

One thing she is still lacking though is hair!!! It’s barely grown from the day she was born!

As her birthday falls on New Years I wasn’t sure what to do considering her first birthday. In the end I decided that I didn’t want to do a party in a hall somewhere as I thought I might not have gotten to spend as much time with her and I would be stressing about the party, but instead I held three mini-parrtys at our house. The first gathering was for D’s side of the family, although sadly some couldn’t make it due to illness, it was still nice for Molly. Then the second  party was full of our friends and it was so nice to see so many come and see her. The third  party was for my family and meant that they stayed to see the New Year in with me. I prefered doing it this way as everybody who came over actually got to see Molly properly and I could speak to everyone rather than just rushing around. Although by dinner time I was exhausted and it was really tough to stay up until midnight!

| think Molly had a great day though and was very spoilt yet again. With Christmas and her birthday in the space of a week she has mastered the art of present unwrapping! Thank you to all of those who came and made the day special and for your kindness with gifts.






I love you Molly. You are my world and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are so special. You are loving, beautiful, kind-hearted, and inquisitive. Every day I love to watch you grow and hate every second we are apart. I am lost without you. You make me so proud and I want to thank you for being you, to me you are perfect and I don’t know how I ended up so lucky.
I love you Molly Amaya.
Happy 1st Birthday!
All my love, hugs, and kisses, from Mummy xXx

Happy New Year everyone!!