Weight Loss +3

So my Countdown came to an end and I didn’t quite reach my target and I still had just over 8lbs to loose. Even though I was slightly disappointed, I would rather look at the positives and remember how far I have come. Loosing baby weight is nothing like loosing normal fat and it is so much harder. I am proud of how well I have done so far and I still have my determination to get back my old pre-baby body.

Looking back through some old photographs I actually think I started to put more weight on when Molly must have been about three months old. I put this down to being at University and commuting so I did tend to eat all over the place and lots of rubbish.

This was taken a couple days after Molly was born:

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.12.40.png

I really notice my arms and tummy in this picture. From here I think I lots some of the initial baby weight but then it started to creep back on and I must have easily matched this size again. When Molly was nearly six months old I really noticed it and that’s when the Weight Loss posts began. Since then I have lost nearly two stone in six months.

Over Christmas I did let myself indulge in lots of treats so was worried what affect this was going to have on my waist line. I didn’t actually weigh myself so I gave myself a brake but now the holidays are over it is back to reality. However much weight I must have put on I have managed to loose it again plus just over 0.5lbs more. Now this doesn’t seem much but it is only three weeks since my target date of Christmas and I did eat A LOT of chocolate so I am happy with that result.

I have been quite ill the past week and I have managed to pick up another bug so I will not be going to the gym for another week to give my body time to recover. Once I am all better I will be having a meeting with my gym instructor to see if there is anything other exercises we can work into my programme to improve it. I am actually looking forward to getting back into it!

Here I am, 3 weeks past my target date, with 7.5lbs yet to loose..


Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 10.44.24

Did you put on much weight over Christmas too?!