My Favourite Comfort – A Spoon!

When I was a baby my Nanny and Granddad bought me a teddy hippo. Well actually they bought me two, one pink and one yellow. The pink one soon became my favourite and I called him Bobo. Bobo came everywhere with me and I couldn’t go to sleep without him. As I got older I would even dress him up in baby clothes so he wouldn’t get cold! He made me feel better if I was sad and provided the greatest of comforts. Over the years he has got a bit worse for wear and my Mum has had to stitch him up and add in new pieces of material to him to keep him together. Some say he doesn’t even look like a hippo anymore but I don’t care, he looks like Bobo! To this day he still sits on my bed!

I completely loved Bobo growing up and he was my absolute favourite teddy. Even when I was pregnant I wondered what type of comfort item my baby would choose. My sister had a special blanket, some have a muslin or maybe something from another family member, a doll or a toy. I think these are all completely normal comforts for children.

Over the past few months as Molly has become more and more interested in toys and playing, I was excited to see what she chose to become attached to.

But I was more than surprised at what she has chosen!

Molly loves a spoon!

Yes you read that right, a spoon! It doesn’t really matter what type of spoon, she’s not overly fussy. But a spoon most definitely wins over any toy or stuffed animal.


She likes to carry one with her most of the time, even if she is trying to play with something else – the spoon joins in too, or crawling – the spoon gets dragged along the floor, getting dressed – the spoon goes through the sleeve too and even going to bed – spoon in hand!



It’s been this way for a month now so I think the spoon is here to stay! When I make a cup of tea she ‘ohhhh’s until I give her a teaspoon or if she is crying then a spoon seems to make her happy! I think she particularly likes to be holding something and a spoon seems to be her favourite. Normal teaspoons or her plastic ones (I now try and always give her plastic ones to be safer) any one will do. I once forgot to take a spoon out with me and actually got a McDonalds plastic McFlurry spoon for her! Anything to keep the peace!!


I think it’s a bit of a strange comfort but as long as she is happy it doesn’t matter. I was always so worried that something would happen to Bobo and he would be irreplaceable, at least I can always buy more spoons!!

What comfort did you or your children have?