My Little Chatter Box

I have been so excited for Molly to start talking so I can hold a conversation with her. She is only 14 months old so I know holding a proper conversation is a long way off yet but she is really starting to become a little chatter box.

More and more she is starting to repeat words I say, and saying them rather clearly so you can actually understand them. Some words she says on her own accord now too and some she will only say if I say them first. I think she has some understanding of what they mean and can use them in context although sometimes they just come out whenever she feels like it!

Here is a list of what she can say so far:

– Steady
– Downstairs
– Oh dear
– Mumma
– Dadda
– Nanna
– Hiya
– Get it
– No
– Who’s that
– Down
– Done

I talk to her all day long to try and help her speech development and as you can see from the list above, they are all everyday words she would have heard me say  hundreds of times.

It’s such a proud moment when she copies what I say and I am really trying to encourage her to talk. She loves to chat and makes her voice very heard! Teaching a baby words for the first time is amazing!!


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