Do Play Centres Cause Poorly Babies?

Last week I took Molly to a couple of play centres as I felt guilty as I have never really bothered to do so before. She has been once before but she was a bit too young and couldn’t play with anything and wasn’t very interested. This time I went with friends and another time with my sister and I was excited to see her play about properly.

She seemed to really enjoy herself and liked being able to crawl about and climb over everything, and especially liked the atmosphere with all of the other children running around excitedly.


I think she enjoyed having a different selection of toys to play with in a new setting.


One place also had a mini trampoline which Molly loved and it really made her giggle when I made her bounce.


Her favourite activity though was climbing some stairs! She has recently learnt how to do this home and does it any chance she can. Being at a play centre the stairs were soft, as were all the surroundings, so I was less worried about her falling although I tried to make sure it didn’t happen. But as much as I tried it was pointless, Molly enjoyed climbing the first step then turning around and face planting the floor!!! She laughed her head off! She will not be practicing this at home!



First of all I thought I would start taking Molly to soft play centres more often as she had lots of fun and it made a nice day out with friends/family who also had children, but now I am thinking of changing my mind.

This week Molly has been really poorly. She was so hot that it was almost impossible to touch her and she was shaking like crazy. She has had loss of appetite and has been very grumpy too. I took her to the doctors and was told she had caught a virus and had an incredibly sore throat. It has been days of Calpol and I think she is starting to feel a little better now although her temperature is still quite high however it is much lower compared to what it was. She is still not eating as much as usual but I believe her appetite is starting to come back. However she is certainly not herself still and extremely tearful for most of the day. It’s awful to see her like this especially when I can’t do more for her. Hopefully after another day or so of Calpol and cuddles she will be back to her normal self. Although my main certain now is that she is dehydrated as she is not producing many wet nappies. I am trying to get her to drink lots but she is just not interested. This is really worrying me so I am going to watch it extremely closely.

There is no way to detect where she caught this virus from but I am wondering if she caught it from a play centre. With the amount of children at these places there must be millions of germs flying about and very easy to catch for babies. Just to be sure I am not going to take her too often until her immune system is a bit stronger.

Do you find play centres lead to illness? 

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