Thoughts on Moving

Recently I have been considering moving house. I do love the house I live in and as it is the place where Molly was born, part of my heart does belong here. It is a great size property so Molly has lots of space to crawl about and I have a large conservatory here where I keep all of her toys so her bedroom and the living room is not over crowded.

But I currently rent this house and there have been a few problems and my landlord isn’t exactly in a rush to sort them out. My main issue is the price of gas. Where I live doesn’t get gas the normal way so I have to buy the large gas bottles. These are a little more pricey than normal but shouldn’t be over expensive, but that’s not how it has worked out. In the last four months I have spent £900 on gas alone!!! It’s crazy! I have to heat the house and provide Molly with warm water but at this expense it is becoming too much. There are so many more things I would rather be spending my money on. Too many times we have woken up in a freezing cold house because the boiler has broke and we can’t even have a bath.

I  feel too guilty to keep putting Molly through this so I have been considering moving house. This does upset me though as Molly loves this house and she is so settled here and I feel bad to up-root her.

Luckily my dad’s house will be vacant in a couple of months so it is an option for me to live there until I find a place of my own. In the meantime I think I am going to have to move back to my mum’s but it means me and Molly will have to share a room for a few months. It will be really cramped but I am thinking it is possible. The only thing that upsets me is that Molly loves her bedroom here and enjoys playing in there so I feel just awful to take that away from her. The good factor though is that Molly loves my mum and step-dad so there wouldn’t be a better place for us to go and she is very familiar with the house.

Financially this place is just silly but I cannot shake the guilt! I always planned to stay here until Molly was older and I could show her the exact spot she was born in. Once I am all settled in a new place I will feel much better but this in-between stage is stressing me out!

I would love to hear how your littles ones copped when moving house and any ideas you may have to keep kiddies settled though all the chaos.

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