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Today I am linking up with mumturnedmom to participate in The Prompt.

The Prompt has been created to give you a key word to write something about. This week the word is Reflection.

When I first heard this word the first thing that sprang to my mind was to reflect upon my own childhood and how I would hope Molly’s would be the same.

285367_2163007562141_2239139_nMe when I was ickle! 

Looking back there is only one word to describe my childhood, and that is happy. I had loving parents, siblings and extended family, a wonderful family home, a great education, and I knew I came before anything. My parents were in no way rich but I can say I was wealthy. Not wealthy in the monetary sense, but from how much I got out of my childhood and the lessons I learnt. I learnt how to be kind, independent, how to love and share, to use manners, what was important, self-worth and I knew my parents believed I could be anything I wanted or achieve any goals or desires I had. To this day, I almost believe that my mum puts me on a pedestal. I know she thinks I am amazing, just as I feel about Molly, although I constantly argue with her that I am just normal, but I guess thats motherly love for you.

As I continued to reflect, all I could think of was joyous memories and love. I enjoy every day I spend with Molly and I can only hope that one day she will look back and feel the same about her childhood.

Since my childhood some things haven’t changed. Me, my brother and sisters are still number one to my mum, even with the youngest of us being nearly 21. Growing up I saw her work 24 hours a day to provide us with everything we not necessarily needed but wanted. She would work nights, days, evenings, you name it and she did it, and it was all for us, never taking anything for her self. From this I learnt the value of money and how you have to work hard to move forward in life. I am currently looking for work and I hope that even though I spoil Molly, she will learn this lesson too. I think it is extremely important that she learns you don’t get something for nothing and the value of a good work ethic.

I also wonder how my mum did it all. She had four children and many jobs, and although she had my dad and other family, she was definitely the ring-leader and kept the wheels rolling. I truly aspire to be like my mum, she really can do anything!

My childhood house was a home. We still have our family home and it is one of my favourite places. I can remember the games we used to play, the fun in the garden, the smell when I walked in the door, the seat my dad would sit in, the noisy steps up the stairs and more. They say ‘home is where the heart is’ and that house definitely has my heart. I think this is why I am so upset about having to move house now. I only had one house growing up so I never knew what it was like to move house. I would hate to loose that house as I feel my memories are there and I am scared to forget them, even though I know I never will. This is making it so much harder for me to leave Molly’s first home now.

One aspect that really stands out for me upon reflection of my childhood is all the hustle and bustle that was constantly in my house. My mum was also a childminder so there were often other children there, along with foreign students, and friends of my brother and sister. The house was noisy but everyone was friendly and respected our privacy at the same time. Nobody would come into my bedroom without knocking first, giving me my own space. I loved growing up in a big family and I look forward to having more children so my house is like the one I grew up in. I do enjoy the quiet but sometimes its just a bit too quiet!


I want to thank mumturnedmom for giving me the chance to look back on my childhood, and realise what aspects of it I hope to generate for Molly. I hope she thinks as much of me as I do of my mum.

I reflect upon happy memories full of support and love, and I wish Molly has an even happier childhood and I will do all that is in my power to ensure this.

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