What to Put in a Baby’s Memory Box

I am a big fan of recording memories and take far too many photographs of the same thing every day just to make sure I don’t forget the moment. My main focus is to try and remember as much as possible about Molly and her childhood, and all the every day things that will make her. ”Together we are making memories every day.”

Before Molly was even born, when we didn’t even know she was a ‘she’, when we just called her ‘Bob’, I started thinking about making a memory box. I didn’t buy the box until she was born but I started collecting things straight away.


Here’s what we are keeping in her memory box:

I started by keeping a pregnancy journal. I recorded how I felt and what I was going though, how I was preparing for baby and my birth plan. I kept photographs of my scans in here too.


The memory box actually contains three journals – my pregnancy journal, a mother’s journal which is more personal and a baby record book which focuses more on baby’s first year. I try and keep these up to date so I can accurately record Molly’s progress and add pictures to document them.


As well as journals I have made a photo album for Molly. I love photographs and even though I have all my photos of Molly on my laptop and then backed up externally I can’t help but get lots printed out ‘just in case’! I have collated all of the photos printed so far in chronological order in an album which I love to look through and see how far we have come and how much she has grown, you can forget just how small they were as newborns and it’s lovely to be able to compare the prints.


Also in this memory box I keep Molly’s birth cards, Christmas cards and first birthday cards along with special gifts she received.


One gift Molly received was a hand-print kit. This is a kit which contains clay whereby you gently press baby’s hand/foot in to it to make a print, and then pop it in the oven so it sets and you have a wonderful keepsake. We had enough clay to make two so I have one finished clay mould in my lounge on display and the other one is kept in the memory box.


My blog here is one of my other ways to record our every day moments and stories so I can look back and reflect, so I have printed out some of my favourite posts and put these in the memory box too.


When I found out ‘Bob’ was a girl and my memory box collection started to expand I knew just how I wanted to give this box to Molly. On the day I find out Molly is pregnant with her own ‘Bob’, that will be the day I give her this memory box. I hope she will find comfort and support through the pages of my journals and blog posts and that it will help her through her pregnancy journey and the first months after the birth. Hopefully through the box she will see just how much I love her but she will only truly know a mother’s love until she becomes a parent herself.

What do you keep in your baby’s memory box? 

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