Weight Watchers Week 3


Over the last two weeks I have been continuing my Weight Watchers journey and being more conscious of what I am eating.

From my photographs that I post I do not think that I look particularly overweight but according to my Body Mass Index (BMI) I am right on the borderline between ‘Healthy’ and ‘Overweight’ for my height. BMI considers your weight against your height to determine if you are underweight, healthy, overweight or obese. To check yours, I recommend this NHS site which can calculate a BMI for an adult or child. Having a healthy BMI reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes as well as many other serious illnesses.  My main focus is to get my BMI into the middle of the ‘healthy’ range rather than being right at the edge.

Over the last two weeks I have lost 3lbs which has been surprisingly easy. Apart from being more conscious with my meals one thing I have tried to stick to is making sure I have cereal for breakfast. I used to have either cereal or toast for breakfast but I have found that just cutting bread out in the morning has made a real difference. I still eat bread at other parts of the day may it be for a sandwich or in wrap form but starting the day without it, I believe has had a great effect on my weight loss recently. I do hope to continue to cut bread out first thing in the morning but I tend to get pretty board of cereal so am going to have to branch out and find some more interesting kinds!

3lbs weight loss this week, only 8lbs to go. BMI: 23.5.

After losing 3lbs my BMI has only dropped by 0.2. To get my BMI to a more healthy figure it is going to take a lot of hard work!!


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