Mother’s Day 2014

Last year Molly was only three months old for our first Mother’s Day so I was really looking forward to this years as she is a little older meaning we could do more together. Unfortunately she has been really ill with a very heavy cold and conjunctivitis, which the doctor refused to give her any medicine/drops for so she is taking ages to recover and in fact still has the problems now. With Molly being ill I felt a bit limited with what we could do for Mother’s Day. I didn’t want to be out for a long period of time as she gets grumpy at the moment (understandably) but I thought staying at home might be a bit ordinary. On Sunday morning I decided that staying at home was our only option as she was still not well enough to do anything. But we did have a lovely day.


I did however start the day a little sad. I do not mean to sound ungrateful here because I am really not, but I was a little hurt. D got me a lovely card from Molly, and I wasn’t expecting a present but I would have loved a bunch of flowers. As we are separated I am Molly’s primary caregiver, I have always fussed over her routines and organised her eating habits, clothes and toys. I know D appreciates how much I do but I thought this would be the one day that he could show that. It did really upset me to not receive anything, especially as scrolling through many social media sites everybody was proudly displaying there beautiful bunches of flowers etc.

I never buy flowers but I did really want some for Mother’s Day! So me and Molly went to the supermarket and Molly (meaning me!) bought some. I felt kind of sad buying my own flowers but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my day. I went a bit overboard and ended up buying quite a few bunches and a pot plant plus some naughty cakes! After hearing I didn’t get given any flowers, my ever so kind sister popped over some flowers and chocolates for me too. I was starting to feel very spoilt!



When we got home from shopping Molly took a nap so I took the opportunity to do nothing! I used the excuse ‘it’s Mother’s Day’ quite a lot! We spent the afternoon colouring together, she is quite the budding artist when she’s not trying to eat the crayons!


The weather was gorgeous outside so the rest of our day was spent sat in the garden with me trying to catch as much of a tan as possible, which didn’t really work! My garden isn’t overly baby friendly whilst Molly is still crawling as it is mainly concrete, but so me and Molly could sit outside I just grabbed my large rug and put it in the middle of the garden with some of her toys! She really enjoys being outdoors and seemed to like the rug outside! She played with her toys, drove her car (although she could only work out how to go backwards!) and even played with the cats!






I had a really lovely Mother’s Day and I am even more excited to next year’s when we can do something even more special together. I hope all the mummies out there had a wonderful day too!

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