Becoming a Working Mum

A couple weeks ago I blogged about my Interview tips as I was planning on finding a job and wanted to start my career. I had an interview a fortnight ago and my tips listed in the post must have worked as I was offered the job!

I am now involved in Cash Management in the Finance department for a major shoe company. I started the position this week and so far I think the post will suit me really well. I am working part time with 23.25 hours a week spread over three full days. I knew I would hate working full time, being away from Molly for so long so this works out much better for us.

It has been a very hectic time right now as I have spent the last couple of weeks packing and then I moved into my mum’s on Monday. Work started on Tuesday and I have worked through until Thursday. It has been a lot for Molly to take in and come to terms with as it felt like I was taking away all of her toys then leaving her! Obviously this is not the case but I felt really guilty that I could not explain what was going on. Tuesday went well though and she stayed with my Mum all day whilst I went to work. Mum said Wednesday was tougher and by Thursday she had started becoming really stressy, which is very out of character for Molly. I think the separation from me was starting to take its toll on her and we were both missing each other an incredible amount. Today I am very glad to be spending the day pottering around the house together!

I hope that once we get in to the swing of things she will settle down and enjoy her time with her grandparents. I never expected to feel this guilty to leave her and go to work but I have to keep reminding myself of why I am doing it. When Molly starts nursery I will probably feel less guilty as she will be so occupied. Bearing in mind we have moved house and I have started work all in one week I think she has handled the changes really well.

One of the other hardest things I am finding at the moment is how I spend my time in the evening, there just isn’t enough of it! I come home from work and we all eat dinner together. After a quick play with Molly I have to get my things ready for work the next day along with Molly’s bits so we are all ready for the morning, then it’s bath and bed for her and it’s not long before I’m ready for bed myself. I do not feel like I am getting enough time with her. Hopefully we will settle into a new routine and try and make the most of the time we do have together. Working is also going to make me ensure we get the most out of our full days together so we really see the most of each other whilst we can.

I am excited to be working again and really looking forward to becoming part of the team, but every day I miss Molly. The long term benefits though are worth it and I want to set a good example to Molly. I am lucky to have found  a job that offers hours that suit me and my baby.

How do you find being a working mum with a young child?


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