Just Stop, Put the Phone Down and be in the Moment

It is really hard to get away from technology now days, it is simply everywhere. Being a blogger makes it even harder to escape. You find yourself constantly checking Twitter or other social networking sites, always having some type of device on you to capture every moment. In one way this is really great, as you capture all the memories, but on the other hand are we too busy trying to capture all this that we are not really in the moment ourselves.

Children’s toys have even become more technological and often the games of our own childhood, captivating true play and imagination, are lost and replaced with the new high-tech version.

Thinking about this, I make this promise to you Molly: to scroll through my Newsfeed a little less, lessen the Tweets, reduce the urge to check Instagram and stop Snapchatting all of our moments together. Instead I will just be with you, well and truly in the moment. I will stop thinking of the dishes, or work, and stop browsing through the Internet at any idea I may have just because my phone is always in my hand or in very close proximity. Life isn’t about ‘in a minute’ or technology, its about us. I promise to you to try and keep it this way.

This video (Click on the icon below), being shared all over the Internet (ironically), sums it up and has really made me think. I will still be documenting our journey through this blog, but I do not want to find myself looking through my phone in our time unnecessarily, not any more. It’s OUR time, just me and you, here and now, and everything else can wait.

My message to every parent out there.. Look up, you will see your child.

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 21.28.51

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 21.34.41

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