I Woke up 24

Two weeks ago I turned 24. I was really excited to be that little bit older and felt like 24 was much more of a mature age than 23! 25 seems much older again so I am less looking forward to that one!

I had a lovely family day out with my older sister and her family, my Mum and Step-dad, and my Nanny and Granddad. We went shopping at a local market and took the kids on some rides, followed by lunch out and a trip to the beach as the weather was lovely.

Molly couldn’t go on many rides as she was so small and I wasn’t allowed to hold her on anything, not even the teacups for legal reasons, so she just went on the ride-ons instead, but she loved them so it didn’t matter, and she got to go on a Barney one – Win!


We met Donald Duck and Sooty:


Walking about I used baby-reins for the first time on Molly. she loves to be involved and now she has found her feet, she hates staying in the pushchair for any length of time. She also doesn’t like me to hold her hand much as I guess she is trying to be a ‘big girl’ now. The reins worked really well though and they didn’t bother her at all. She was able to walk on her own and they also helped me to stop her from falling over, whilst keeping her at a safe distance to me.

Then Molly enjoyed an ice-cream (very messily) in the sun:

I was really excited to take Molly to the beach for the first time but it was unsuccessful! She did not like it! Firstly I took her socks and shoes off but I think the texture was too unusual and she just cried! Instead we sat on a step and she felt the sand and tried to play. But it wasn’t long before she was unhappy again so we had to leave. I will continue to take her this summer so she can get used to it. I am not a massive fan of the beach anyway but I would love to make sandcastles with Molly one day.

I had a lovely birthday and it was nice to spend a day with my family. Everyone is so busy that its always hard to get together. I hope to spend more days like this one over the summer.

However my birthday this year marked the three year anniversary of my Dad’s death. I hope he was watching us and celebrating too. I really miss him and wished he could have been part of my day. But he was in our thoughts, just as he always will be. Love you Father xxx

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