Can Drinking Tea Really Make You Loose Weight?

Can drinking tea really make you loose weight? Well I am here to put it to the test.

As you all know I have been on a diet pretty much ever since I gave birth to Molly, and even though I have lost about three stone of my baby weight, I still have one more stubborn stone to go. I kept failing at diets and since starting work I have even quit the gym as I didn’t want to loose any more time with Molly. So now I am about to try the latest craze – tea that supposedly helps with weight loss.

Introducing Bootea.


Bootea is ‘the Teatox for Weightloss’. It it suppose to speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite, as well as proving other health benefits such as regulate blood sugar levels, aid with digestion, improve skin health, and improve sleep quality. They offer a variety of packages including the Daytime Detox and Bedtime Cleanse. The most common option seems to be the 14 Day Teatox which includes both of these teas. The Daytime tea bags are to help with speeding up the metabolism and converting fat into energy, whereas the Bedtime teabags stop the body from storing unnecessary calories. And the best part is, you only need one cup a day! You drink one cup of the day tea each morning and one cup of the night tea every other night, and that’s it! Hello Teatox! I have purchased the 14 Day Teatox which has provided me with enough day/night teabags for two weeks. I will be starting this programme as soon as my cold disappears and I will keep you updated!

I love tea so I am hoping for results here. It seems such an easy change. I have tried the tea bags before, and I was apprehensive as to how they would taste but they are actually really nice! They are mixed with green tea, which I actually don’t like very much, but I really enjoy drinking Bootea.

This is not the only change I am making to my tea habits. As I drink copious amounts, I am switching from my normal PG Tips Teabags to these new Tetley ones – Blend of both.


They are a cross between their standard tea bag and green tea. Green tea contains high amounts of antioxidants as the tea is the least processed type. It helps to reduce cholesterol and is also associated with weightloss.

I love this tea! I was not looking forward to the change as I am so stuck in my ways with my favourite drink!! But this tea is really smooth tasting and I cannot taste the green tea at all. As I drink so much I am glad I have swapped to something with more health benefits.

My final tea change is to mix it up a bit! A friend once introduced me to Peppermint tea and it was so delicious. Herbal teas, again, have huge health benefits so I am going to be adding these into my daily routine too. Even if it is just one cup a day, it is a start. I have purchased a multi-pack which contains a variety of flavours so I can try teas I have never drank before. Each tea has different benefits to the next so I will be reading up on these too.


The great thing about herbal teas and Bootea is that no sugar is needed! We all know I drink far too much of that stuff so I am pleased that this will ensure I am cutting down. Obviously I still try to cut down my sugar intake in normal tea too, but I am still struggling here!

Have you tried the Bootea Teatox? I would love to hear how it affected you. Which herbal teas would you recommend?

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