It’s all about the Simple Things

I have said it before and I will say it again. I really want to be doing more with Molly. Most of our time we run errands togther on my days off and we play in the house with her toys. But I do not always feel we are making the most out of our time together. It is hard at her age because we are limited to the number of things she can do or understand but I have been thinking of some ideas to provide us with even more quality time.

I am still trying to ensure I put my phone down more so I can really focus on just being with Molly. Altogether through little changes I hope to become even closer to Molly.

Last week we went and fed some ducks. We went to a place not far from where we live and it is a really special place to me. My Grandparents used to take me there frequently when I was a little girl so it gives me such joy that I can take my daughter there, and then one day hopefully my Grandchildren too.

It is a beautiful lake surrounded my lush greenery and there is a new children’s park there now too. We walked around the lake in the sun and stopped to feed the ducks. Lots of the lake does not have a barrier around so you do have to be careful with little ones, but we did find a section that had a small fence so Molly could really join in. I tore up the bread and she thoroughly enjoyed throwing it to the ducks.


Continuing with the effort to do more different activities on my days off I really want to make the most of our evenings together too. It always feels like such a rush when I get in from work and time we have sorted dinner, bathed, and laid everything out for the next day we don’t have long together. So I need to think of quick and easy ideas that don’t really take very long to clean up that can make our evenings a little more fun.

I recently read a list of ideas to do with children and even though lots of them are not age appropriate for Molly, there were a few activities I snapped up.

The first on this list was dens! So easy yet I never really thought about it. Tonight I took out a large spare blanket and hung it up over the furniture. Molly went crazy!!! I did not expect her reaction to be as good as it was, with something so simple too! We played for about an hour and a half. At one point I did try and take the den down but there was an instant tantrum so it went straight back up! Molly enjoyed crawling in and out and even standing in the middle with the blanket touching her head. She brought various toys in to join us and we just sat in there playing, and the best part was that the television was out of sight!! The only trouble I had was that dens get really hot! But it was worth sitting in what felt like an oven to see the joy in Molly, although at one point she did get too excited and fall and hit her head, but soon jumped back up to play. I love the simplicity of this and will definitely be making some more dens soon, and I may try to get a bit more creative next time.



I spend every second I can with Molly yet always feel I can be doing more. Does anyone else feel like this?! But I am glad to know that I am trying to really make the most of her childhood before she grows up too quickly.

What simple activities do you do to make the most of your time with your children?

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