Molly’s First Crafts and Ways to Remember Dads this Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner we thought we would make something for Molly’s Dad. I have thought this for a while now as I couldn’t think of anything to buy him and haven’t seen anything suitable in the shops. I am still a little upset I didn’t get any of Molly’s creations or flowers for Mother’s Day this year but I wasn’t going to let this stop me from preparing something for Molly to give D.

You can see what we made last year here: Father’s Day 2013.

This year I decided to let Molly be more involved in the crafts and see what she did by herself.

I bought some paints, stickers, and glitter pens and found some random bits out of the cupboards. I am not very crafty myself so was unsure on what we were actually going to do.

I found some paper plates left over from a party so I decided we would decorate them.

Molly started by decorating one for me:


We then made one for D. I used an idea I saw on Pinterest and copied the lettering, and then let Molly go to town!



Then we moved on to our second Father’s Day creation, another Pinterest steal: Molly’s little hands opening to say I Love You. I drew around Molly’s hands on the paper plates and cut out and just stuck some folded card in the middle. She really likes to have her hands drawn around so this was quick and easy. I love that it shows the real size of her hands, so in years to come we can remember how dinky they are!


I love our creations and Molly’s first crafts. My colourful paper plate is hanging in pride of place on my pin board.

Of course we couldn’t forget my Mum and Step-Dad so Molly created one for them too.


Molly was really intrigued at the start of crafts but she seemed to get less interested fairly quickly so this was all the crafts we could do in a day.  I am finding hard to think of creative ideas as she is still so young. I am looking forward to making more as she grows up and for her to be really interested and proud at her results.

All of my Father’s Day ideas are on my Pinterest board.

As always there is one Dad missing on Father’s Day. I always think of what we would be doing and how we would be celebrating together. It feels empty to go Father’s Day shopping and not actually buy my own Dad anything.

I recently received an email from Winston’s Wish – a bereavement charity for children in the UK.

“Whilst other families make preparations for celebrating Dad’s special day on Sunday, those families supported by Winston’s Wish often find it a particularly difficult time. Bereaved children and young people are faced with reminders of their loss as shops in every town centre feature Father’s Day, and even at school activities can be centred around the day…. Some people find it particularly helpful to mark special occasions such as Father’s Day by creating activities to remember and celebrate the person who died.”

They provide ways to remember a Dad on Father’s Day. Here they are:

– Take a special card to his grave – or to where his ashes were buried or scattered – I have many cards to my Dad which I wrote past his death and it really does make a difference, just to write his name again.

– Tie your Father’s Day card or a special message to a helium balloon and let it soar into the sky – This is what I did for my Dad’s Birthday this year: You would have been 66. 

– Blow some bubbles and send him your love on the wind

– Plant some bulbs or a shrub in a place that holds special memories of your Dad – what was his favourite colour?

– Have his favourite meal – Risotto? Roast dinner? Curry?

– Listen to his favourite music – (however awful his taste was!) – There are certain songs which truly remind me of my Dad and cause me and my sister to bust out his dance moves!

– Begin to make a memory box in which to keep things that remind you of him – photos, shells, holiday snaps, glasses, silly tie etc. – I started this just after his death and getting it out, with all the smells is a lovely way to remember.

– Make or buy a new frame for your favourite photograph of him – what was he doing? – I have one of these with my favourite photos in my house, so he is always there.

– Ask your Nan or Grandad for their memories of Dad as a little boy, and/or your Mum for her memories of when she and Dad met

– Write him a letter or a poem or a song. Maybe you could start with something like ‘If you came back for just 5 minutes, I’d tell you….’ – I used to have special poems on my wall to my Dad and now I keep them in my memory box. Sometimes a poem or song can find the words you can’t.

(All ideas credited to Winston’s Wish.)

My thoughts are with all those celebrating Father’s Day without their Dads.
But I hope everybody celebrates Father’s Day in their own special way.

Love you Dad xxx