Win a Factory Trip to Design Your Own Love Hearts!

Love Heart Heart

No matter how much I diet or try and watch what I am eating, one thing I always struggle with is to cut down on is my sugar intake. I have such a sweet tooth! Growing up sweets always won over chocolate for me and I don’t think much has changed!

When I was in my teens, we actually owned an old fashioned sweet shop where we had shelves filled with jars of sweets, old and new, and I worked there at the weekends, picking at all the treats!

Now my family own a newsagents and we still have a small selection of jared sweets along with all the classics you would expect to find.

One classic sweet that everybody knows and loves is Love Hearts. Did anybody else empty the packet and try and make sentences with what was written on them?! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have your own message on them?!

Well Love Hearts are celebrating their 60th anniversary so Swizzels matlow  are giving you the chance to do just that! You could have the chance to design and create your very own Love Heart and win the opportunity to go on a VIP factory tour to watch it being made. Your Love Heart will even go on sale, how crazy would that be to see people buying your creation! Ten winners will also bag themselves overnight accommodation, get to bring a friend along and even be given spending money! Enter now!

Love Heart promotional roll


Did you know?

– Love Hearts were originally put in Christmas crackers, with individually hand painted packs. They become so popular that they then became sold all year round.

– In the 60s, Swizzels matlow teamed up with Beano and Dandy comic characters for a television campaign.

– In the 90s Princess Diana visited the Love Hearts factory.

– A sculpture of a Love Heart was placed in the Millennium Dome.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 20.17.15

I have to reiterate what it says at the bottom of the above historical timeline of Love Hearts: “1.75 billion Love Hearts are sold every year – enough to stretch around the world 1.1 times” – that’s crazy!!

Swizzels matlow were kind enough to send me some treats to review. I was sent a bag of Love Heart squashies and a multipack of Love Hearts. I took the squashies straight to work and the whole bag got devoured that afternoon! None of us had tried them before but all kept going back for ‘just one more’! They are squishy round sweets and you can completely tell that they are part of the Love Heart family, it’s like they have that slight fizz in them. We actually had a whole conversation about their taste and relationship to the normal roll of Love Hearts (obviously whilst working!)! I am not a total fan of squishy sweets but I really enjoyed these as they were a little bit different and I would happily buy them in the future. I also shared my multipack of Love Hearts with friends so I didn’t eat them all to myself!

Love Hearts - Pick & Mix Roll

Love Hearts are a true classic like no other sweet on the market. Young or old, the first thing everybody does before eating their Love Heart is read the message! To get your very own message printed and watch it being made with a VIP factory tour, enter the competition here: Love Hearts Competition. Good Luck!!

Love Heart Heart

Disclaimer: This post is in association with Swizzels matlow. I was kindly sent the products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own (except some views from work colleagues!).

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