In Case of Emergency

I have been meaning to write this post for many months now.

Sadly two local young people lost their lives yesterday and it made me create the contents of this post as soon as I could. Although I did not know those young people, my heart goes out to their families. RIP.

Sadly accidents happen and people loose their lives earlier than they are suppose to.


If I were ever in a car accident (touch wood this doesn’t happen) then I would want someone close to me to be by my side as soon as possible. Just as I would want the same for Molly.

Part of me can’t even bear to think about this, but it is something a parent needs to consider incase the worst should happen.

So this is why I made a ‘In Case of Emergency’ card. Medical staff will understand the principle of ICE and it should help anybody else that could assist you in an awful situation.

I simply cut out a piece of card and hole punched one end.


On the back of this card I have written Molly’s name, date of birth, my name and phone number along with the names and numbers of any others I would like to be contacted, the town we live in and any known allergies of Molly.

This is to be attached with string to the headrest near Molly’s car seat, so it is out of reach but still visible incase it is needed.

I advise everybody do this. I cannot imagine something happening to us driving along, and if I was in a bad way so I could not speak to emergency staff about myself or Molly, it would be crucial that they could contact someone that could. It also gives me peace of mind that one of my family would be able to be with Molly almost immediately if I couldn’t.

Another way I have prepared for a case of emergency is on my phone. We are all advised to put a passcode on our mobile phones so if it is lost or stolen then it would prevent people from accessing our personal information or photos. This is a great idea until it comes to an emergency. If I came across a person in an emergency I would use their mobile phone and call somebody on the recent calls list to notify them, but how could I do this if they had the recommended passcode too?

To solve this problem I bought myself a phone case.

On the back of the case, in permanent pen I have written:
Name and number of two contacts.


This way I hope somebody could contact my family should they need to.

These situations are awful but I feel a bit better knowing  that my mum could be called and come straight to me, just to be with me, speak to a medical professional or help care for Molly.

I hope this is never needed but it is better to be prepared as you can’t always control accidents from happening.

Please do this for you and your children too.

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