18 Months Beautiful

Molly, my little darling, is somehow 18 months old.

I am not quite sure where all the time has gone and how we are  here. A year and a half ago I was studying at University with a very big belly.


Then New Year 2012 came along and I spent my day in hospital after giving birth in my bath at home.

Fast forward 18 months and here we are.


My beautiful girl is growing up – and fast! So much has happened since she was born yet it has happened in the blink of an eye. Apparently 18 months is the age where a baby is now classed as a toddler, it almost feels impossible that I can say I have a toddler now!

Molly is now walking and running everywhere. She has become very stable on her feet and I get to enjoy buying her lots of new shoes and her feet seem to be growing rapidly. She loves getting new shoes and will stick her foot out to show you them saying ‘shoes’!

Her speech development is coming on super quick. I really need to be watching what I say around her now! Not only does she know words, but she knows in what context to say them. She will point to something she wants and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. She says a lot of words a bit slurry so they come really cute! She also says ‘go’ and will say it when she wants to leave somewhere, which can sometimes be a bit awkward! She says ‘all gone’ when she has drank all of her bottle. ‘Hi’ must be one of her favourite words as she says it all day long, even after I have been with her for hours!


I was a bit worried about her weight about a month ago as she hasn’t put on any weight since Christmas and as she has been growing tall so much, she was becoming really skinny, also going off food. I started to really watch what she was eating and what snacks she was getting and things seem to be getting better. She hasn’t really put any weight on, yet she looks much healthier again. She has always been in the 50th percentile for her weight and she dropped to around the 20th percentile. Hopefully she can maintain her healthy weight now and start to put some weight on as she grows. I think she is going through a growth spurt right now and maybe that has played a part.

She is a little girl I am so proud of! She is so good with a massive heart. Her hugs are divine and nothing starts our day better than a cuddle. We have our bedtime routine with a story and a hug and I cherish the moments dearly. I know all too well that they pass us by too quickly.

She is becoming very independent and likes to do as much as she can for herself. She is learning to feed herself and tries to put her own shoes on. She seems to have quite a logic brain and really studies her toys and how things work and will spend a significant amount of time trying to work it out.


Her favourite toys are her moving/noisy animals, her pop-up book and her iPad! I try not to let her spend too much time on her iPad as it’s not a great habit to get in to, but she is very interested in so much more that it’s not really an issue right now. She likes ride-on’s now and her rocker and can move them herself. Her favourite activity is swimming and we go every week. I am sure it is because she was born in the water and as a result she absolutely no fear! She will walk around the pool, not caring if she slips or gets splashed and gets mad when she can feel me holding on to her. I am wanting to teach her to swim properly as soon as possible so I am really happy she has a positive look to the water.




She is very much a girly girl and loves to hold her dresses and play with my bangles. I actually had to go and buy her  some of her own bracelets to play with as she would have a tantrum if I took mine off her.

Molly is strong minded! She has been having more frequent tantrums lately and hitting the terrible-twos early! If she doesn’t get her own way then she will lie on the floor and cry. It’s really tough because part of me wants to cave in to stop the upset but the other part of me doesn’t want to give in to try and teach her that she cannot always get her own way. Every time I don’t really know how to act so I have to just decide depending on the situation. I really need to be thinking of some techniques and guidelines to follow so that I am better prepared, so she knows what’s going to happen with that type of behaviour and everybody that looks after Molly can be on the same page.

Tantrums or not, 18 months old, Molly you are still my baby. I beam with pride and you fill my life with joy. I wouldn’t change a thing for the world: you are my world! I never knew how much better life is once you have a baby, that little being to be with you through everything. She does just as much for me as I do for her.


I love you Molly Amaya.

Happy 18th months beautiful xxx

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