Being Goofy – Disneyland Paris 2014

This weekend I took Molly on her first holiday outside of England. I was even excited to get to use her passport for the first time!

And where better to take her than Disneyland Paris!

We left Friday morning and arrived in Paris just after lunch. We spent the afternoon walking around the park and getting settled. I love all the added extras you get to see like Toy Story characters made of lego – crazy!

We woke up saturday morning had another lovely day going on rides and meeting many of the Disney characters. In the evening we celebrated my sister’s birthday. It was just my immediate family that were on the trip – but that still meant 16 of us! It was lovely to have all the family together as it’s something of a rarity these days.



The hotel we stayed in was right in the centre of the Disneyland park which gave us the freedom to come and go as we pleased without having to worry about travelling. What really impressed me is that they even provided free warm milk for Molly to have her bedtime bottle with. Most of the food was all-you-can-eat so I have come back a stone heavier! Although Molly would still only eat cereal for breakfast even though she had all the choice in the world!

I loved watching Molly’s face light up with excitement as she tried to take it all in. She particularly loved the parades and meeting the characters up close. The characters were amazing and really fun. They provided great entertainment and Molly soon became very good friends with Goofy!!




She went on a couple rides and was full of joy! She is only just becoming of an age where she can experience a wider range of rides and they clearly fascinate her. Luckily the queues were not too bad but she did get a little impatient now and then.I went on one adult ride and screamed so bad I came off nearly in tears!! I stuck to the kiddy rides after that!

Molly was as good as gold the whole holiday and I am truly impressed and proud at her behaviour and how well she did through the busy crowds and all the hustle and bustle of a new environment. She even handled the travelling perfectly.

We went by Eurostar and had a bit of trouble getting back. It was Molly’s first time on a train and she was quite fascinated.


As it was not possible to catch our train, we would have had to have waited 24 hours for the next one. This was not possible having no hotel and most of us with work commitments. Instead we had to get two taxis to drive us from Paris, on a ferry and out the other side to Kent!! Who knew you could taxi from Paris to Kent eh?! We arrived home at 6.30am, nine hours after we should have but we made it! On no sleep and heading straight back out to work!

It was definitely a holiday I will never forget. I cannot wait to take Molly on more trips and explore with her. Disneyland is a wonderful place for children and even for those without. There is so much to do and the attention to detail is purely amazing! I have been the the American one once and this was my third time to the Paris resort and I still have not seen it all! I will be taking Molly again in a few years time to try and see even more of the magic.

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