First Aid Essentials and a MyMediMates Review

When MyMediMates got in contact with me I was happy to work with them and bring you a post covering the importance of a First Aid Kit and give you information on allergy products for your children.

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AleerMates and MyMediMates was started by Mum, Iris, who created her brand after she found her son to have allergies and asthma. They cover a wide range of products suitable for all of those with various allergies and provide a fun way for children to learn about them, also giving their caregivers the knowledge they need.

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At the moment Molly does’t have any allergies. I was really worried when I was pregnant that my baby would be allergic to dairy. Molly’s Dad is highly allergic to dairy and I was highly intolerable when I was born so I thought it was likely that my baby follow the same pattern. Luckily I am fine now though and am actually not allergic to anything either. Hopefully Molly will also stay this way but I am aware that as she grows up and tries new things, then allergies may arise.

From the products available over at MyMediMates I chose the Red Med Bag. We also got sent the Medicine Carry Case, Lunch Bag, Snack Bag, a Wristband, two packs of stickers, and an activity book.



My personal favourite is the Med-Bag.

“Moms and kids today are always on the go. Our Red Med Bag is perfect for keeping your child’s medicine organized and nearby. This durable and lightweight bag measures 8” X 8” and has two deep zippered pockets with 3 additional Velcro pockets to store Auvi-Qs, medication, sprays, inhalers and any other item that needs to be retrieved quickly. The 3” gusset on bottom of bag expands to hold larger items such as Aero chambers. There’s even a detachable holder inside for EpiPen auto injectors. Inside every bag, we include an emergency contact card to write your child’s emergency information. This card has its own clear id holder inside the back pocket. You’ll never leave home without their meds again!”

I love to be organised and prepared. I keep my changing bag stocked up and I keep an extra one in the car just-in-case. However it never occurred to me to make a First Aid Kit for Molly, duh!! I have always gone out and bought any medicine she needed but if something more major happened, I wouldn’t even have bandages or antiseptic cream in the house!!! So I love that Iris has prompted me to change this.

I went out and bought all the essentials to put in my new Med-Bag.

I started by buying:

Painkillers – Ibroprofen or Paractomol, check what age it is appropriate for and don’t forget the spoon!

Plasters – Peppa Pig ones of course! In all sizes.

Dressing and Tape – For larger cuts or sores.

Teething gel – To reduce the pain from those new toothy pegs.

Calamine lotion – Soothes irritated and itchy skin or skin with a rash or sun burn.

Antiseptic cream – Keeps cuts clean and helps to prevent infection.

Antihistamine cream – Reduces swelling of bites/stings.

Tweezers – To help remove splinters.

and I need to add in:

Wipes/tissues – To clean the affected area.

A Thermometer – To check baby’s temperature.

Although I do have some of these products already, I wanted to keep my bag fully stocked so I can take it on a day out and holidays without worrying or forgetting something.

I had to remove the products from their boxes to enable them to fit in my bag but I made sure I kept all of the instruction manuals to use for future reference.   The Med-Bag has a separate compartment that is really useful to store these in.

Molly has had fun playing with the other items we got sent. The bright colours really attract her.

I think this style of band is really popular in schools nowadays so it’s something that a child would be happy to wear. It’s great that on the back of the band it allows you to write all your details:

I also think with the bright design of the lunch box, it would be something that a child would be happy to use and they would like it. They come in a variety of colours to suit your child. They are also insulated and come with a card for you to display any allergy information on. With the AllerMates design it easily lets a caregiver know that a child has an allergy and gives the relevant information quickly and efficiently.


The products are designed to hold Pens/Injectors and are cushioned to help protect your medicine. They all come with an Emergency contact card and are
BPA, phthalates, nickel and latex-free.

If you would like to know more about the products MyMediMates and AllerMates offer or use their tools and resources then click on their image below.

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Disclaimer – I was sent all of the MyMediMates free of charge for the purpose of this review but all the other medical products and words are my own.

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