Dinosaurs go RWARRRR

Today we visited Wookey Hole Caves. Molly has recently learnt that dinosaurs go RWARRR and so I mainly took her to go and see the Valley of the Dinosaurs.

To start our journey we were guided through the caves. The ground was slippy, there were lots of stairs and it was quite dark. The most annoying thing was that there were lots of low hanging rocks so I had to duck down a lot and whilst holding my bag which was full of Molly’s change bag items plus a picnic, and carrying Molly too, it was quite an effort! She wasn’t really interested in the talk and kept setting off her toy cat which meows and purrs really loudly! You cannot walk on your own so we had to wait with a large tour group and I had to try my best to entertain her. It was not safe to put her down and you are not allowed to take prams through the caves. Therefore I would not recommend the cave tour for those with really young children.

Once we were out of the caves, our experience of Wookey  Hole was much better. We sat in the Valley of Dinosaurs, where there were dinosaur models around us and had a picnic. The dinosaurs was rwarrr at Molly so she was rwarrr back!




After our picnic we walked inside and Molly waved at herself in the crazy mirrors, the ones that make you look really fat and short or tall and skinny. We had a go on a couple of old fashioned games and one gave us a fortune each based on our hand print.

This is my fortune:

photo 1

This is Molly’s fortune:

photo 2

There are other activities to do at Wookey Hole such as make your own paper, see the museum, play crazy golf and there is a soft play area too. Molly was too young for most of these so we had to miss them out of our day.

We then travelled a few minutes down the road and took a walk by a river and watched the ducks. Molly finished off her lunch and kindly tried to share her snacks with the ducks passing by:

photo 2-2

photo 1-2

I had a really lovely day being out with Molly and enjoyed a bit of sun before I have to go back to work tomorrow. I haven’t managed to get out in it much this summer so it made a nice change and we got to do something different with our Sunday.

I hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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