Introducing My Meals

So I am back at it again with this ‘diet’ malarky! I will loose weight!!!

I have rejoined the gym whilst I am staying at my mums and am hoping to go a couple nights a week whilst Molly is in bed and my mum can watch the monitor.

With this, I aim to be eating more healthily too. Starting work has meant I have been eating rubbish for lunch as I would rather spend my hour with Molly than cooking, but it is an issue I need to readdress.

Following my weight loss journey so far, I have managed to loose about three stone since I started a few months after Molly was born. I have picked up and left all these diets so many times and I am started to get very frustrated now.

So I am hoping that through healthy eating, not dieting, and exercise, I can shift this last stone.

I have been researching lots of healthy meals and am going to plan my time more efficiently so I can make them and try to get Molly as involved as I can.

I used to love cooking but between all the hustle and bustle it got shoved on the back burner and I am hoping to find that fire again.

Even though I am not really following weight watchers, I do often use their points system to see how good/bad something is.

So welcome to My Meals! I hope to show you some interesting and healthy meals, suitable for all of the family.

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