Pastry Pizza

Now this may not sound all that healthy due to the word ‘pastry’ in the title!! But it really is a dish you can add lots of veggies too.

I used to cook Pastry Pizza all the time when I was at Uni as it was so quick and easy, plus you can use up some left over ingredients.

Today I made it using Filo Pastry, as it is thinner so less fatty.

A sheet of Filo Pastry
Tomato Puree 
Low fat cheese
Toppings of your choice – mushrooms, spinach 

I used Jus Roll Filo Pastry sheets. One is enough per person (although me and Molly shared one) and I folded it in thirds to fit in my baking tray and give the base some support. Do make sure you fully cover any unused pastry though so it keeps.

I then spread some tomato puree over the pastry, leaving an untouched edge around the outside.

To this, I sprinkled some cheese. Personally I use reduced fat cheddar but you can use whichever type you prefer.

And then you simply add your toppings. I made this a veggie meal and just used cut up mushroom and spinach but you could use any toppings you like, just cut them up and add them on.


Once complete, pop in the oven until the pastry is golden and toppings cooked – this should be for around 15 minutes.

I served ours with tomatoes but a side salad would also work.


Using the Weight Watchers Pro Point system a sheet of Filo Pastry is 3 points, I counted 1 point for the tomato puree and used 3 points for the cheese. If you use vegetables for toppings then these are mainly 0 points but other ingredients may be more. So in total this dish was 7 points, but then it was split between myself and Molly.

I like how you can add many healthy vegetables to this pizza to vary it each time or make different flavours for each family member. You could use chilli to make it spicy or drizzle with oil. You can cut the toppings and then ask the children to do the sprinkling to get them involved. Another bonus is that you can eat it hot or cold so it’s perfect for lunch boxes or picnics.

It definitely got a thumbs up from Molly as she requested ‘more’ over and over, and she normally picks spinach out of of her food!



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