How Much Time do you Spend Reading?

I certainly do not spend enough time reading. I wish I read more actually but finding time to do so almost seems impossible. I haven’t read a book in years and I have so many that I would love to get submerged into.

I do know the importance of reading though. I know I am not the best reader and I need to take my time, reading each and every work to take it all in. I hated it when at school and the class would have to take it in turns to read a page from the current book, I always dreaded my turn! To this day, I am just rubbish at reading out loud! Growing up I always read with my parents though and they made sure there was time for a story.

I want Molly to enjoy reading though and know how to look after a book. Books take you in to a completely different world, and it’s partly the world you have created. Somebody else might envision something entirely different, unlike the images you get watching ‘the movie’ of that book.


I have watched Molly enjoy herself as she flicks through the pages of her children’s books and tell me a story in her own little baby language as she takes in every picture.

So a couple of weeks ago I went to our local library and signed her up! She also joined the Bookstart Bear Club. This encourages young readers and Molly gets a stamp in her ‘passport’ every time she takes out some books from the library. Once you have so many stamps, you get a certificate. I think its a really nice incentive to get children to start reading and by receiving a certificate they can be proud of themselves. I think most libraries offer this club and we are really enjoying it. It also gives me the incentive to take Molly.


When we get to the library she is all excited. Seconds after I set her down on our last visit, she had chosen some books and was sat up and ready to read!



Each time we visit we borrow three or four books and spend the coming weeks reading them again and again. Molly learns the stories and knows what animals are in what book, making their noises.

She has always been one to go to the book shelf and pull a book out, but we didn’t necessary read together every day. This made me feel guilty so now I have made it part of her bed time routine. It is wonderful to have some down time and just enjoy a story together.

I hope Molly grows up and loves to read. The benefits to her imagination would be very significant and it will also help with her speech and writing abilities.

I have really found the importance of reading again and although I may not have time to read my own books, I am thoroughly enjoying the chance to read all of my childhood favourites again. It is wonderful to see Molly enjoy the same stories as I did (and still know word for word!).


She likes to read books upside down!!

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