Make Your Own Play Make-up

Every morning we have the same ritual. Molly has her bottle in my bed whilst she pushes me away as I try and cuddle her, I drink my tea and we watch a little Cebeebies before the morning chaos begins. I love just having ten minutes of peace with her before I have to get up and begin the day.

Whilst I do my make-up, Molly tries to steal my products and brushes and poke her fingers through them all or throw them down the stairs. Neither is very helpful to me and she won’t just sit and play, she has to be right next to me “helping”. I often have to sit on the floor so she can really be apart of the act, no matter how quick I am.

So I went on the search to try and find some pretend make-up for Molly so she could play with her set as I do mine (alone!). But I did not have much luck. Most sets I found contained real eye shadows or lipsticks which I don’t want Molly playing with at this age. As soon as she is old enough to understand I will explain that she doesn’t need to wear make-up by any means, but I cannot stop her as it is something I always do and feel most comfortable in.

I decided to make my own play set for her so I knew that no real make-up was close to her.

photo-31I found out an old make up bag and brushes and gave them all a wipe over.


I then went through my collection and found out some old products and soaked them in fairy liquid and boiling water to remove most of the left over product and then gave them a further rinse with make up remover. I left some bottles as they were once they were dry so Molly could simply have fun undoing the lids and using the existing brushes.


I wanted to make the other empty shells bright and colourful like other children’s make up and to make it more appealing for Molly. With the clean, empty bronzer and foundation pallets I used nail varnish to create a pattern.


To create a play lipstick I bought some air-drying clay and rolled it into a lipstick shape and place it into my empty lipstick container. Again I picked to use a colour to keep the set bright, although it’s not a shade I would personally go for! But it did dry in shape and fitted perfectly so Molly can wind the lip stick up and down.

IMG_0787   photo-29

I still have the eyeshadow to make which I will do in exactly the same way: clean out and colour with nail varnish. My mascara has just ran out so I will see how well the empty bottle cleans out. It goes without saying that I need to watch Molly using some of the brushes so you may need to just include soft brushes depending on how likely it is that your child hurts themselves with a coarser brush. 


Altogether I am really pleased with Molly’s play make-up set. I make a point of keeping it packed away unless I am putting on my make-up, in which case she can have her set out too. This way she is always happy to see it and it keeps her occupied.



She seems to enjoy really playing with her new set and copying Mummy, however she tends to ‘apply’ most of her make-up on her head and behind her ears!!