Yoghurt Buttons

I pinched this idea from the Sainsbury’s advert!

It’s such an easy snack to make but something I had never thought of before. I have bought frozen yoghurt before but had never made my own.

I had some yoghurt in the fridge and decided to turn it into frozen buttons. I even let Molly use one of hers, so any yogurt will do.


I placed some foil in the bottom of a baking tray and used a teaspoon to cover it in little dollops of yogurt.


We had some strawberries so cut them into quarters and Molly placed them on the yoghurt dollops as best as she could! Although most went in her mouth rather than on the tray! I think you could use any fruit here, whatever complimented the flavour of yoghurt you are using.


photo-38 photo-39 photo-40

I placed the tray in the freezer and in an hour they were frozen.

photo 3

They peeled off the foil very easily and I put them in a bowl ready to serve as a tasty snack.

photo 1-3

photo 2-3

Molly enjoyed these and so did I! I also found that she preferred my yoghurt to hers so this is a great way to get kids to try new flavours. She did find them really cold though so they would be great for teething children, in perhaps a natural yoghurt. They froze as hard as chocolate so we could bite into them. I think this idea is a real great one, especially with kids as it gives them the calcium the need in a different way to normal, and especially great in the summer to cool down with too!

photo-42 photo-43 photo-44 photo-45