Making the Most of Things

In my previous posts I have been writing about how I want to do more with Molly and not waste a second of our time together. Well I have been really putting this theory to the test and am loving the results!

I have been planning our days in advanced and searching the Internet for ideas at home or family days out.

Even when we are at home I am trying to think of interesting things to do and limit the time I am doing ‘boring’ stuff or make plans to do these when Molly is asleep/at her Dads. Sometimes I do have lots of paperwork/sorting out to do so if I can, I let Molly help a little more.

We have spent lots of time outside whilst we still can with the weather and Molly has enjoyed the freedom of being able to run about, although it’s only ever for a short time as she insists on being carried! She spotted this Minnie Mouse handbag in a shop and carried it everywhere! It’s super cute to watch her but I have to be careful whilst we are shopping as she picks up things she likes the look of and pops them straight in her bag!!!! I promise I am not teaching her to shoplift!!

photo-50 photo-51

I have been also been making more of an effort to find toddler mornings and soft play centres. I can find these difficult sometimes as kids can be so boisterous and parents very clicky, but it is good for Molly to run about and see how other kids interact. She is still too young for lots of the activities at these places but I join in as much as I can so she can participate. Soft play centres tell you how fit you are, that’s for sure!! But through the huffs and puffs I love watching molly get all excited that I am chasing her and we play together.

photo-52 photo-53



We have been finding lots of charity days to support too and have more coming up this weekend. Again, how much Molly can do is quite limited but it is nice to walk around and see different things going on. Molly likes the events as they always have cake!!

photo-55 photo-56

Spending pure quality time together has had a massive effect on Molly. She seems to be starting the terrible twos but really planning my time – which can sometimes be a bit irritating as it gives us a very structured life some days – I can really see the difference in Molly’s behaviour. She will walk through the town and hold my hand nicely now which in turn means I am less stressed when doing errands and means I can get them done quicker so we can stop along the way to see things she is interested in. She is also giving me lots of random kisses and really showing that she loves me.

I have only changed little parts of our day but they are making a huge positive impact on our relationship. I love my little lady time!!!