Sleeping Bags or Blankets?

Do you prefer to put your child to sleep in a sleeping bag or use blankets in their cot?

When Molly was a newborn baby I knew immediately that I would be using sleeping bags as I thought they would be a much safer option.

Sleeping bags for babies are much like the camping sleeping bags but are mini versions that have straps that go over your child’s shoulders so they can’t wriggle out of it. This ensures they stay nice and warm all night, much like being in mummy’s tummy and keeping them from being cold hopefully means they will sleep for a longer period of time. My Mum swears by a warm baby sleeping longer.

I also found sleeping bags easier as when Molly woke in the middle of the night for milk, I didn’t have to take her out of any blankets into the cold air to feed her. The sleeping bag was not in the way and she could remain toasty.

My main reason for choosing them was my fear of a blanket going over my newborns head and stopping her from breathing. I would use blankets in the moses basket downstairs where I would watch her but never at night. I didn’t have to worry about suffocation with sleeping bags as they can’t move over the child’s head so I knew my daughter’s face was always free.


I have used sleeping bags right up until last week. You can get them up to the age of three but Molly seems to be out growing hers as she becomes more wriggly.

So we made the decision to update her cover to a big girl duvet! I was really scared at first as a few months ago when she did actually go to sleep with her favourite blanket she woke up scramming because the blanket had gone over her head and she was caught up. Now she is older she could remove the blanket if this were to happen again.

We went out shopping and bought a duvet of 4.5 tog as I found most duvets suitable for toddlers to be around the 4 tog mark.

Then I asked Molly to choose a cover she liked, expecting her to point to one that took her eye. But things didn’t quite go to plan. She wouldn’t even look at any pretty pink sets I was showing her and not even a Peppa Pig set would interest her. So we continued on our quest and eventually one cover mildly took her fancy.

I set up her cot and was kind of emotional to see it looking so grown up! She still has the sides up on her cot but when we move house in three months I plan to take the sides off and turn it into a cot-bed. Her duvet will suit it better then but for now I have made sure it is properly tucked in around the sides.

photo-57 photo-58

She got in straight away and led in bed watching none other than Peppa Pig. That night she did not sleep particularly well but I understand that the new material and bedding was probably a really big change for her, as she has always loved her cot so much. She has been sleeping like normal ever since though, thankfully!

She likes to have her teddies and tuck them in under a blanket now.

photo-60 photo-61

I am looking forward to having duvet days with her now!