Word of the Week – Motivated

Today I am linking up with Jocelyn from The Reading Residence to participate in my first ever ‘Word of the Week’.

Word of the Week is simple – You have to sum up your week in just one word.

This week my word is motivated.

I have been motivated for many different reasons this week and I feel so much better for being able to fit more in to my day and achieve more/work towards my goals again.

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Firstly I felt motivated to parent better. I don’t think in any way that I was doing a particularly bad job before but I just wanted to squeeze in as much as I could so I felt I wasn’t missing out on anything. There is so much pressure around being a Mum and how much you do with your child and I definitely feel this. I spend every moment that I am not working with Molly and rarely see my friends so she has my individual attention, but always question if it is ever enough. So I started planning more ways to get the most out of our time together and researching places in our local area we could visit. My recent post on this can be found here.


I have also been motivated at work. I know I will be working in this job for a very long time so I am reassured I can look after Molly financially being a single parent and pay for my own house, but there are many days where I do not enjoy my work. It is a sector I am very interested in but I find it really difficult to leave Molly in the mornings and feel extremely guilty if I do enjoy my work as I am not with her. It is a constant battle of ‘I have to go to work’ yet ‘I don’t want to leave’. This battle has been causing me to hold back a lot to keep my guilt at bay but this week I have realised this has to stop and I have found some motivation to work harder. I really want to get to know my company better and get my name out there so I am going to make more effort to do this, knowing I do not need to feel guilty. We had a conference yesterday at work which really helped to push this realisation into more motivation.


My third piece of found motivation focused on my attempt to loose my baby weight. I put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy and never managed to fully loose it. As Molly’s second birthday approaches it frustrates me that I still carry a bit more around my middle than I feel I should. I have done well, and lost about three stone since her birth, and fully recognise that I will probably never be as skinny as I was before (got to thank my now poor metabolism for part in this), but I would still like to loose another stone, which I have been saying for months now. Whilst I am living at my Mum’s, which in three months I will be leaving and moving into my own house once the renovations are complete, it gives me the opportunity to go to the gym whilst Molly is in bed and she can watch the monitor. Once I move I will not have anybody around to do this so I really need to soak up this opportunity whilst I can. I have been thinking a lot more about what I eat and really hope before Christmas I can shed this last little bit. I have been saying this for so long now but have been really struggling but the more I think about it, the more I want to do it and stay focused. I plan to write another post about how I truly feel about my body now this week, so look out!

My final aspect of motivation has been centred about my blog. I love my blog and the release and comfort it gives me, but I have never really pushed it out there. I have had times where I didn’t blog at all and other times where I have really dedicated myself to it but it has not always been consistent. The opportunities that can arise from blogging are huge and the wise words from others can be immensely helpful so I would love to start promoting addingup2bemum more. I don’t get to speak to friends very much so this is my way of being social as well as documenting my daughter’s life, so I am becoming more and more motivated to share it with the world. I would love to hear your tips here.


So overall I feel I have had a very good, positive week, looking forward to what’s ahead and creating new goals for myself.

How would you sum up your week in just one word?