My Lovely Weekend

It’s a shame its Monday already, it always comes around too soon!

But I had the most lovely weekend. That’s the only word I can use to describe it. Just lovely.

So I really wanted to share some of my favourite photographs from the weekend just gone with you.

On Friday I got to see my niece and nephews and we played together with Molly as well as taking a trip to the library. In the afternoon I had three children sat on my (very dead) legs and we were reading book after book, completing indulging in the stories. In the early evening we went to the fair! As Molly is small, I worry about putting her on the rides on her own but I was allowed to sit on with her. She loved going around and around whilst I started to feel very spiny very quickly! I used to be able to go on fast roller coasters and now the merry-go-round was my limit! I think that’s having kids for ya! 


On Saturday we visited three family fun days! I even squeezed in a gym session! Me and Molly walked around the fields holding hands looking at the stalls, nice and relaxed. We stopped for a play at the park before checking out the other fetes. Some of the fetes had little rides where Molly could sit on her own. If you have seen my Silent Sunday post then you would have seen my favourite post of the day. I took plenty more photographs as Molly couldn’t have just one go on the rides and it even came to her eating her cake and she whizzed around!

photo-66 photo-67 photo-68

I met my sister for one fete and Molly and my little nephew held hands on the walk there. Too cute!! 


On Sunday I went to go and see Peppa Pig at an Animal Farm near by. This was my most wonderful day. My best friend came with me and the whole day was thoroughly enjoyable.

photo-72 photo-73

Molly loved meeting Peppa and George, so much so we queued several times to say hello. When it was other people’s turn, Molly shouted ‘No’ and back we went to queue again.

But there were lots of other things to do including soft play, train rides, trampolines, a bouncy castle, a zip wire and feeding animals. We could have easily spent more time there which was such a positive as I took Molly to this same place when she was younger and I found we couldn’t participate with much.

photo-74 photo-75 photo-76 photo-77 photo-78

photo-79 photo-80

I am so pleased I managed to fit lots in this weekend and get out in the sun too. I am also glad I managed to capture so many memories with the camera.

I hope everybody else had a lovely weekend too.