A Proud Autumn Craft

 I am not one for crafts although I do try. I would love to be a bit more crafty and have time to make things but I just find it hard to come up with some ideas. It is something I want to do more of, especially with Molly as I love getting all creative, although I just wish the finished result would turn out like what I had planned!

When I was at college I took a Textiles A Level which really let me experiment with my creative side. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and among countless cushion covers I got to make a dress from scratch – something which I am very proud of and still have to this day (although it does not currently fit!!).

I love having my niece/nephews drawings displayed proudly on my way and cannot wait for Molly to start drawing me some more of her own. I think I am going to be one of those hoarders that just can’t throw anything out made by a child!

To get more involved with crafts I have been taking Molly and one of my nephews to a messy play session. I have another masterpiece to share with you soon but this post is all about Molly’s first ‘she did it all by herself’ piece of art.

The theme for the messy play was Autumn last week. Among all the other activities there is always a craft table and I love the task at hand. There was clay laid out, little colourful sticks and wobbly eyes.

After finally putting the play dough down, Molly came and joined me and my nephew at the craft table and got stuck in.

She took on the challenge independently and knew what to do straight away. It was a complete joy to watch her concentrate and create something wonderful. From the photographs below you can start to see her creation come together – Obviously I don’t need to tell you what she is making as you can all tell!!



When she finished we set them (yes – she made two because they were that good!) aside and because they were made using air drying clay we could just leave them to harden.

When we finished the play session and it was time to go home, Molly had to carry her creations to the car. She then had a 20 minute head fit during the ride home as she couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t let her hold wet clay in my car!

Arriving at my Mum’s, she held them again and walked in to show my Mum her work, shouting ‘Nanny looook’! She was so proud of herself and I could really see it. It made me such a proud Mummy to watch her show off something she had made all by herself – It was one of those moments I will never forget!! Her very first crafts will be kept forever and truly treasured!

Here are Molly’s finished HEDGEHOGS!!!!

3 1


Aren’t they just brilliant!!

When I was little I would make my Mum all kinds of things and she had a cabinet where she would keep everything on display. As I grew up I couldn’t quite understand why my Mum felt it necessary to keep all the interesting things I had made her – until now!

I hope Molly doesn’t want me to get rid of these one day – I just love them!!