Easy Halloween Treats

This morning we went to our messy play group – the same group where we made this Autumn craft. This weeks theme was Halloween and we had the opportunity to make something edible! I had been browsing around online to get some ideas of easy Halloween treats so I thought I would show you the things we have been making today in preparation for Halloween.

Edible Witches Hats

I love this idea! I wouldn’t have thought of this myself but it works really well. All you need is an ice cream cone, a large round biscuit (like a digestive), some chocolate sauce and some sprinkles.

On a paper plate we placed our biscuit and layered some chocolate sauce on top of it. We added the ice cream cone upside down on top the biscuit and smothered it with more chocolate sauce. To top it off we shook sprinkles all over it.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender

Now for some slightly less messy ideas! The next few treats took me seconds to make and I did so using the following basic ingredients.


Spider and Skeleton Biscuits 

For a simple way to make a biscuit more Halloween themed, why not try drawing some spooky characters onto it? I took some gingerbread men and drew a skeleton in white icing. To make spider biscuits I simply added some food colouring to the white icing to turn it black and drew onto a shortcake biscuit. This could work well with a variety of biscuits and designs.


Ghost Bananas 

I wanted to make more Halloween themed foods but this time I took a slightly healthier edge. I peeled a banana and split in half. On each half I placed a blob of natural yogurt and spread into a ghost shape. I found some chocolate sprinkles to create eyes and a mouth.



Jelly idea

If I had more time I would like to make some jelly treats. I did try putting jelly mix in straws to set to make worms but this didn’t work as well as I had planned – to do this better I think you would need to use less water when making the jelly up as I just followed the instructions on the back of the packet and it was too mushy for the end result! Another idea for making jelly more suitable for Halloween is to mix the colours together or place sweets inside the mixture before it sets – it should give it a witches’ cauldron effect.


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