100 Things to Buy Before the Baby Arrives

I like to plan. I like to be organised. I like lists.

So when I was pregnant with Molly I made lists for everything. Things I couldn’t forget (baby brain didn’t help!), things I needed to buy, and stuff I had to organise incase baby came early – I started all my lists when I was about two months pregnant, but like I said, I really like to plan!

I do all these things in general day to day activity but being pregnant and hormonally meant the need for preparation was even greater. When you are pregnant, especially with your first child, you need to prepare for something you don’t know about which is even harder. This worried me so I spent hours and hours online and reading books to try and figure out all the essentials that I would need or wouldn’t need. From every source I turned to I seemed to find a new item to add to my never ending list of ‘getting prepared to have a baby’ list. I thought to myself: why isn’t there just one list?!!! Because you don’t want to forget anything and make yourself feel like a bad mum from day one, and you think you will be too tired to go out and sort things when baby arrives, so it is really best to get as many jobs out of the way whilst you still have two free hands. I actually still have all the lists I made over two years ago so I can be fully prepared for the next time I am pregnant.

But maybe I won’t need them.

Thankfully there is now one big list! It has been compiled by Becky over at VoucherCodesPro. She has put together a list of: 100 Things To Buy Before The Baby Arrives.

It’s a fantastic list and will be of great help to any expectant mums out there. I have to say I have tried and tested the majority of the products on the list and they most definitely would have been on my list too.

Why not check out her list of 100 needed items here, what do you think? Any items she has missed? What are your favourites?


Apart from the obvious carseat/ pushchair/ clothes/ cot that will be needed, here are my 4 top picks from the list that I found most helpful:

> Breast pads – You will be surprised at how often you need them!

> A car mirror – seriously eased me when driving to know I could see Molly whilst she was in her backwards facing car seat.

> Sleeping bags – I have never used blankets, you can read my thoughts on this here.

> A memory book – I created a whole box of memories for Molly as the time really does go by too quickly.


4 items that I thought could be added to the list would be:

> Maternity towels – You don’t just bleed during birth, there’s a lot of blood afterwards too and it is strongly advised that you do not use tampons.

> Teething gel/salts – Those little nashers come through pretty quickly and cause sore gums and grumpy babies.

> Colic medicine/care – Many babies are affected by colic and it is awful watching your baby so upset, but luckily there are a variety of options to help make baby more comfortable.

> A bottle warmer – I mainly used bottles to feed Molly and found a bottle warmer a really speedy way of getting the milk to the right temperature.


What were your favourite/ worst items you bought to prepare for your little arrival?






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