Me and Mine {October}

I cannot believe how we spent our afternoon today considering it was the last day of October, but it was so hot outside that I thought I would grab the opportunity and head to the beach with Molly.

It is not a place that we visited much over the summer and a very spontaneous idea but together we had the most wonderful afternoon.

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As we was so last minute, I didn’t have time to fish out the buckets and spades so I made do with what I could find in the cupboards in two seconds – a plastic cup and a spoon!! They did the job just as well!

We spent time getting covered in sand, which is something I never normally like doing. I hate the feel of it on me so normally try and stay pretty clean. But today I let go and just had fun with my baby. This made our day all the more special.

I built Molly ‘sandcastles’ and she enjoyed knocking them down. She even tried to make a few for herself but was pretty happy just making markings in the sand.

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We walked along the beach and chased each other around. We pointed and the birds and said hello! It was the perfect day and gave us some much needed quality time just us two. I feel like I have been really busy lately so I am so thankful that we took some time out for ourselves – The day was beautiful and the beach deserted.


I obviously had to write my name in the sand!


I loved capturing Molly have fun and have recently been thinking how much it bothers me that I have so few photos of Molly and me together. Then I found Dear Beautiful’s Me and Mine monthly link up – where you post a photograph of your whole family altogether. I am going to make it my mission to have more photos this way. So, here is Me and Mine:


What a gorgeous day!!!

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