A Day Full of Play

Today has been one of those expected days – One much better than I could have hoped for, one where you connect with your child even more when you didn’t think it was possible. I didn’t expect to have such a lovely day and smile so much!! I had planned a morning activity and thought I would get some chores done in the afternoon but it turned out we had a wonderful day full of play.

We are started our morning with a trip to a mum and toddler group. It was a group I hadn’t been to before but I think it is my favourite one yet! Luckily it’s right on my doorstep too. The centre was not too busy and was full of friendly people. The way it was set up was amazing and had such a wide variety of toys – trains, cars, barbies, dress up, play dough, drawing, ride ons and more. They also had a safe and soft baby zone for younger members to enjoy. At the end of the session we sang songs and the children participated with dance moves. I got to take my two nephews with me and we had fun playing together all morning.



Instead of checking items off my afternoon to-do list I decided it was too nice outside and we walked to the park. To make things a bit more interesting I decided to visit a different park than our normal one, although I got lost and ended up going in a huge circle but it did mean we had a lovely walk in the sunshine holding hands.



On our walk home from the park – walking the correct way home! – we rustled through the leaves with our feet and Molly stopped to look at them. We were right in the middle of a busy path so we probably annoyed walkers by but I couldn’t pass the moment up. Molly picked some leaves she liked and we packed them in our bag.



When we got home we made pictures with the leaves that we had collected along our walk. I made one leaf into a person which Molly drew on the hair. I drew a tree and we stuck the leaves on the branches and Molly coloured it in. I tried to make a leaf shaped hedgehog and was going to try additional animals but soon found that wasn’t my strong point but Molly was happy to colour away anyway. I absolutely love our pictures and would like to buy a scrap book to keep all the masterpieces in.






Today has been full of play and happiness. A really terrific day where we forgot about chores and just did what we wanted to do. Molly was exhausted and could barely even stand come bed time. Really being with her and not having to say ‘just give me a minute I’m washing up/on the phone/need to cook/clean/tidy’ was brilliant! I can only hope for more days like today.

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