This weeks The Prompt is Age.

Age is a funny thing. Do we act our age? Do we feel our age? Surely age is just a number?

One comment I hear a lot when talking about Molly is “You don’t look old enough to have a child”. This comment makes me angry. How should I look to have a child? Why do I need to look older? I am 24 and do not feel too young to have a child. Some young parents are better than older parents. It is not your age that defines how great of a parent you are. I may look young, but my looks do not matter, my age does not matter, all that maters is that I am the best parent I can be to my little princess. I found out I was pregnant at 21 and gave birth at 22. I didn’t plan the pregnancy but it happened and it felt right. My age didn’t matter and I followed my heart and my head knew I could do it.



Since I found out the prompt this week, ‘age’ has really been playing on my mind.

Molly will be two next month. A concept I really cannot get my head around. Three years ago it was just me, two years ago she was in my belly, one year ago she was still very much a baby, and now I have a delightful little toddler. When I think of ‘age’ in terms of Molly, it makes me excited! At each age she changes so much, learns so much, and becomes so much more. It’s inspiring to watch and be apart of. At each stage of her development I always say it is my favourite, it really does just keep getting better. When looking at children, age is wonderful. It comes with innocence and pure life.



I do worry a lot though when I think of my age. Not so much about where I ‘should be’ in my mid twenties. I am lucky enough to have a house, a car, a job and a family. I do not worry about meeting a man and getting married. I think we are in a period nowadays where you do not have to be married in your twenties, buy the house and then have the family. It’s great if it happens that way but it doesn’t always. The path I am following has not lead to those circumstances and I am happy with that. I worry more about being around for Molly. I love her growing up but it’s as if I do not want to. I always want to be there for her and very much worry. I hate to think of the fact that one day I will be old and won’t be able to care for her so much. But this also reminds me to live each day and make it count, for days are not endless.

I tend to live my life a lot by routine and structure, I like to think this gives me control and the ability to get things done. But I would like to do more. There are hundred of things I hope for Molly but this has got me thinking of where ‘I’ would like to be by the time I am 30. Setting goals is a good thing and can really stretch you. Looking at my own life is something I rarely do as I tend to just think of Molly’s and base mine around that. But I have considered my own aims now.  So in true fashion, I have written a list of 20 goals for myself to try and achieve over the next few years.


This is my bucket list:

1- Sky dive
2- Fit into my pre-baby jeans
3- Stop putting sugar in my tea
4- Get a dog
5- Gain another qualification
6- Become accepted as a adoptive parent
7- Visit a new country
8- Volunteer
9- Read a book
10- Visit all the local tourist attractions
11- Help a stranger
12- Watch all the top 100 movies on IMDb
13- Go on a hot air balloon ride
14- Complete a first aid course
15- Learn how to cook properly
16- Get a new piercing
17- Have a new tattoo
18- Discover my family tree
19- Run a marathon
20- Get a new car

Age is time. Our life time is limited. Make the most of it! And in the wise word of Will Smith:

“Life is not about how many breaths we take, but how many moments take our breath away.”