When She is Good She is Very Very Good, When She is Bad She is Naughty

Somedays I look at Molly and I cannot believe my luck that she is so happy and so well behaved.

Recently, although I am ever so thankful for my beautiful baby, her behaviour has declined at times. I am hoping it is because of the ‘terrible twos’ otherwise I will be turing grey very soon!

We have good days and bad days. I am so used to a perfectly behaved little girl that this makes the bad days seem even harder. She has moments throughout the day where she is just so upset and cannot be settled by anything I try. I think this is mainly due to frustration as she cannot express exactly what she does want and is trying to digest the world around her and make sense of it all. We have just moved house too so that probably is playing a part in her confusion. Her change in mood can be so sudden and at any time I am never prepared.

At home she can really have her moments when I am trying to shower or cook, when it’s not appropriate to have her close to me or play her games for her safety, but I can usually distract her to finish what I am doing. She has become very clingy and constantly grabbing at my legs – when I am home this is generally okay because I can stop for cuddles but it can still be wearing to have somebody constantly attached to me at all times. I have started to feel like a duck with a duckling running after my every footstep!!



She has also been acting out a lot recently – pouring her drink on the floor, chucking her food down, pulling the cat’s tail, throwing toys – and as soon as I stop her she says sorry so I know she knows it is wrong, yet she is continuing to do it anyway.

She is definitely one of those children ‘that when she is good she is very very good and when she is bad she is naughty’.

For her temper tantrums I really want to put in place some type of consequence. I have never had to use discipline methods on Molly before as they have never been necessary but I feel it is time to put some structure in place. I am not sure what method is best to use as I feel most of her tantrums are due to her frustration and if she could communicate things would be easier, so I don’t want to really punish her, just let her know that acting out is not appropriate.

The main change I am seriously struggling with is when we are out. Today was more than tough.

Our whole morning was a bit of a nightmare where she seemed upset and kept acting out. It took us hours to leave the house and when we finally did, even then didn’t even have a particularly nice day! We went to a Garden Centre which was set up as a Winter Wonderland. Molly enjoyed looking at the display but was not impressed to go in a large snow globe and have fake snow fall all around her. Then she point blank refused to walk around, which is her normal mindset on all trips right now. She is getting so heavy that it is starting to cause a lot of pain in my back and becoming a struggle with a handbag, change stuff, and shopping too. So I am trying to make her walk more, as she doesn’t go in the pushchair very well either, but she just will not use her legs. Unless she is being carried, she just throws herself on the floor and screams. I have got to the point now where I don’t care about people looking but it is so annoying and stressful to be in that situation. I have no idea what to do with her when she is in such a state in the middle of a store. I really need to action this as soon as possible because it is making leaving the house such a nightmare. Today whilst she was led not he shop floor I was trying to hold her hand to walk and she continued to throw herself downwards. I tried to simply just take her hand and lead her but I was basically dragging her and I don’t want to hurt her. In my attempt though, through all the shoppers starring, I was holding her hand trying my best to make her walk but she kicked her legs out and I practically fell over her, both of us nearly on the floor, and somehow managed to split my finger in the process and it was dripping in blood! Blood, pain and a screaming child did not seem very magical! I actually cried the whole 30 minute car journey home!

Is there a way to unglue children from you now and again?!!

Next week I return to work after having a week off and I am worried at how Molly is going to react to this and not having me around so much.

As I have sat here writing this post, I feel much better to get it all off my chest but also incredibly guilty! I never want to moan about Molly because I don’t think I should when I am so lucky. Hopefully using some structured techniques will help to dissolve the tantrums. I am not sure I could handle a whole year of Terrible Twos!!

Do you have any techniques that work?